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Its looking very pretty but i think you could use some lighter colours in the flowers and leaves to make it pop. Though women do make up a large portion of the tattoo market and their portion is growing, often tattoos are still geared more towards the masculine look or trend. Tattoos are fun to have and hold a lot of meaning and importance, but there are many situations in which someone may want to temporarily hide their tattoo. Sure, there are times when you are going to want to cover up your tattoo, but there are going to be many more times when you want your tattoo to get noticed!
Another area of appeal for tattoos is the lower back.  However, one of the downsides of the lower back tattoo is that it can stretch should the woman gain weight or get pregnant. With that said, there are certain areas of the body where tattoos are usually only found on women, including ankle tattoo designs.
However, ankles usually do not rank within the top sexiest places on a woman’s bodies these days.
The person may be attending a wedding, at work, in school, or at some formal event and feel they need to conceal their tattoo.

Ankle tattoo designs for women are perfect for situations where you want to conceal your tattoo, but they are also great for when you want to show your tattoo off. They just want something small that symbolizes who they are something that means a lot to them. With an ankle tattoo, there is very little risk of your tattoo stretching as it is harder to gain weight in the foot and ankle area.
While they can be painful, ankle tattoos do not stretch, are easy to conceal and show off, and are extremely sexy.
While some men do have ankle tattoos, this is an area that tends to hold more tattooed-women then tattooed-men. While ankle tattoo designs are going to be difficult to hide when a woman is wearing a dress and heals, in most day-to-day situations, ankle tattoos are a great choice for women because they are easy to conceal under socks, boots, pants and jeans. Showing your ankle tattoo to the world is easy when you are wearing a dress, skirt, capris, shorts, and on the beach! You can be sure that your tattoo will continue looking great and sexy for years to come which is why this is such a great tattoo for women.

At the same time, with all of the above benefits and the fact that any tattoo you get on any part of your body is going to involve pain, the ankle tattoo is still a pretty good deal. All of these benefits coupled with the fact that ankle tattoos are generally low-cost makes this an ideal tattoo for women. There is good reason for why women have tattoos in this part of their body and why women thinking of getting a tattoo should consider looking into ankle tattoo designs. It is important to consider all of the factors, the type of tattoo you want, and your individual pain tolerance level, but if you are a woman thinking about getting a tattoo make sure you give the ankle tattoo a thought.

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