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This is essentially the same version as in (1), with the addition of the word ???? (abadan) which means “never”. The same as in (4), but with the addition of the word word ???? (abadan) which means “never”. It would certainly look odd to just have ?? ????? (la yankasir) on its own as a tattoo, since everyone would ask themselves just what doesn’t break.
If the two words are chosen as a tattoo it would be best to precede them with the article ?? (al), so that would result in ????? (al-quuwa) and ??????? (ash-shajaa3a).
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From reading up above I got what unbreakable is in arabic but I was wondering if it changes at all if I want the tattoo to read “I am Unbreakable”? I would like to get my 4 childrens names on my forearm but am afraid of non-trustworthy sites to translate.

Hi my name is Ambreen and I really would appreciate it if you could translate the following words into arabic for me…I really would like to get them tattooed but am afraid of getting the wrong translation. Hi my name is Rachel, i really want and aribic tattoo and would be very grateful if you could translate ” determination strength and creativity” I have been searching everywhere but i am scared i may get the wrong translation! Hi ArabicGenie,firstly I would like to say I have been looking through all of your pages, I think it is so fantastic of you to be spending your time translating and helping everyone. If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It.
The best approximation would be ?? ????? (la yankasir), which literally translates as “no (it-)break”, or “it doesn’t break”.
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For example, ???? ?????? ?? ????? (al-Hubb aS-Saadiq la yankasir), which would be translated as “true love doesn’t break” or “true love is unbreakable”.
Note that this translation is only applicable for women, as the imperative is directed at someone female. I would really love to learn Arabic but am a bit flat out right now, but its something i would love to learn one day.
I have been through a rough time lately and i want to get a tattoo (in my favourite language Arabic) to symbolise this.

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