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This second crest was awarded to another member of the family, Baron Ewoud van Vreedenburch, b. Unless you are a descendent of the men who were awarded these crests you can't claim them as your own. The crests and background information was supplied for a nominal fee by Paul van Voorthuijsen of Arnhem, The Netherlands. Your Authentic Coat of Arms is first researched by our skilled heraldic historians from our own personal library of armorials (heraldic books), or else we also have access to the records held in the British Library and the various College of Arms within Europe and the United Kingdom. Our artists always illustrate within the bounds of heraldry, by only using the traditional tinctures (colors), charges (symbols) and other elements as used by the original heralds many 100's of years ago. Our Family Crest Hi-Res Emailed Graphic is great for everything, from personalized stationery, invitations, genealogy projects right through to designing your own poster, whatever your need you can be sure that with the biggest Family Crest Emailed Graphic, and the highest resolution available on the internet that your project no matter how big will be covered. Not only do you get the Family Crest Emailed Graphic you also get the full blazon (description) of your Family Crest in the original heraldic terms that it was written in, this again is something that nobody else offers online, but we will also give you all the available history for the particular Family Crest, this could include who it was granted to, when it was granted, by whom it was granted, the full origin information, sometimes right down to the village, in some cases even a street address.

Delivered at 8 inches high and 300dpi, in JPEG format straight to your email inbox normally within 24 hours, means you can start designing, printing, and enjoying your Family Crest almost immediately. Wake to a hot coffee in this stylish Coat of Arms Dishwasher and Microwave safe ceramic mug. Many thanks, from me, my family, and my friends, all of whom benefit from and appreciate your work! I've ordered 14 different family crests and had one business crest created by this company and they have all been ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! I had a beautiful family crest along with some interesting tidbits of info waiting in my inbox within 12 hours of placing my order. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Upon finding a Coat of Arms for your chosen surname we will request one of our highly skilled heraldic artists to begin illustrating the Coat of Arms, this is done from the original heraldic description that has been recorded for your surname.

This ensures that you get a traditional looking Coat of Arms but drawn digitally on a PC to ensure that the quality is the highest possible. Rietstap "Family Crest Book of the Dutch Nobility, dedicated to His Majesty the King" 1883-1887. Great care is taken to ensure that each element complements the whole, including the helm and mantling elements.
They have earned a loyal customer, and I have no intention of purchasing from anywhere else in the future.

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