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As a dark goddess she is known as Queen of Shadows, the embodiment of courage and endurance.
Standing before the gods, fierce and set on revenge, the gods offered compensation in lieu of war. Odin agreed, but none of the gods volunteered to marry her, so he set his own condition; that she must choose her mate by solely looking at their bare feet. Though Njordr was not whom she’d have chosen outright, she honored her vow and the two were wed.
The couple then permanently separated, but thereafter, they remained friends and Skadi was always accepted by the Aesir.
Skadi reminds us that even in the bleakest times, we carry on with our lives, but in order to do so, we must be true to ourselves.
Artemis fait partie des douze Olympiens et elle participa activement au combat contre les Geants. Artemis est la fille de Zeus et Leto, soeur jumelle d'Apollon, dont elle est l'equivalent feminin.Elle est nee la premiere et aide sa mere a la delivrer d'Apollon. Elle aussi presidait au chant, sous le nom de Hymnia, escortee par les Muses, les Charites ou les Nymphes c'est la deesse des femmes, surtout des vierges.
L'une des legendes les plus connues est celle d'Acteon qui un jour apercut par hasard Artemis en train de se baigner dans un torrent tout proche; il ne s'eloigna pas et la regarda. Daughter of the frost giant Thiazi, Skadi rules over winter, mountains, forest, game animals, justice and independence.

She travels over ice and snow covered lands on skis, a bow at her side, and always in the company of wolves. Having no need for gold, as she was already wealthy beyond means, Skadi gave her own terms. He tied a cord of rope around the beard of a goat, and the other end of the rope around his testicles. Farouche et vindicative, les anciens lui attribuaient certaines morts comme celles des femmes en couches ou des morts subites. Elle etait la deesse protectrice des Amazones qui etaient, comme elle, chasseresses et independantes du joug des hommes.
Dans l'antiquite il est l'un des plus importants sanctuaires d'Artemis, le sanctuaire Orthia a Saprte et celui de Brauronia en Attique lui est egalement reservee. De crainte qu'il ne se vantat par la suite aupres de ses compagnons qu'elle s'etait montree nue en sa presence, elle le changea en cerf et il fut mis en pieces par sa propre meute de cinquante chiens. Artemis exigeait de ses compagnes une parfaite chastete pareille a celle qu'elle pratiquait elle-meme. She is also known as goddess of the hunt, as it is her gift which brought the use and skill of archery to hunters.
Hers is the will that gives us strength to survive the storms, to find our way in the darkness, and to expose what hides within the mist, both in our inner and outer worlds. The first, that she may choose a husband among them; the second, one she knew they could not provide, was that they make her laugh.

She saw a very attractive pair of feet, and certain they could only belong to Baldr, the god of light and beauty, made them her choice.
They each made a compromise to live for nine days first in the home her father once owned, Thrymheimr, and the next three by the sea, in Njord’s home called Noatun. Ses attributs sont l'arc, les fleches, le carquois ou encore la torche et le croissant de lune qui ornait son front. Zeus, ayant seduit l'une d'elles, Callisto, fille de Lycaon, Artemis s'apercut qu'elle etait enceinte. Le chien, le cerf ou la biche, la chevre, le taureau, la tortue etaient souvent representes a ses cotes. Elle la changea alors en ourse, appela sa meute et Callisto aurait ete certainement traquee et tuee par ses chiens de chasse si Zeus ne l'avait hissee au ciel.
As a last gift, Odin took her father’s eyes and tossed them into the night sky, turning them to brilliant northern stars.

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