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Some locations have a higher demand for art therapists and art therapy related positions, so you will have to do some investigation to check the career health of art therapy for your location, whether you’re willing to move, and so on. To become a certified and licensed art therapist, you will likely have to complete a variety of educational and internship requirements.
You will likely have to take some variety of art classes and psychology classes, get a master’s degree, and achieve the appropriate requirements for your certification and licensure. Another potential art therapy career path is to apply the healing power of art and creativity to a position that affords you this freedom and can still be beneficial.
Hi Kristin i will like to know more about your experience, where are you from where did you got your master, what make you decide for art therapy already having a degree in architecture, i have a bachelor degree in arts and graphic design and now in september going to start another bachelor degree in psychology. I am an interior designer, i recently finished a masters of fine arts with a merit, and i really want to study masters of art therapy, i applied in the UK but they rejected my application for the lacking of experience in the field, so where should i work to get the proper experience in art therapy? Hi I’m a high school student looking into art therapy as my major for college I have a few questions would u mind answering them?
Kristen, If you do not want to move out of Minnesota you could look into the Masters level Art Therapy program at the Adler Graduate School in Richfield. Really consider your options, and where (geographically) you may end up after graduate school. Our sincerest apologies if anyone was offended by the previous imagery as this was not our intent. Well, yes, that accounts for America, and as I understand for Australia and the UK as well.
Having spent a lot of money on my art therapy degree, I think you ought to rethink advising readers that they can take a few courses and do some art therapy as a result. Also, in response to the image posted previously, I just don’t understand the image and want to hear the thoughts about it by the admin.
Does anyone know how difficult it is to work in states that recognize LPC if you are an LMHC? I have worked in a very, very rural area as a full-time art therapist for almost four years, working in a clinic. There are a lot of people and employers who will tell you no out of ignorance of what art therapy can provide to the therapeutic community, but you must have the confidence and conviction of your modality to move ahead in AT. I graduated dec 2010 with my masters at Hofstra University located in Nassau County, Long Island, NY. It is very hard to find an art therapy job, even harder finding a place that will hire you while you are working towards liscensure. I want to work as an AT for kids with special needs but i might have to do AT in a different field until I get licensed. I am going to graduate with a BA in Psychology, but had no idea what I wanted to do with it, and also have a desire to be an Art Teacher, but thought, I also love psychology and would hate to waste that degree,… would Art Therapy be a good choice for a masters? I’ve been wondering how common is it to get a job after graduation here in southern california or nyc after completing a degree in art therapy? When planning to set up a tattoo business, it is advisable to have an affordable  tattoo kit so that the required equipment, is present.
When working with the kits, practical knowledge and some trial and error on skin replacements is recommended before someone upgrades to real skin procedures. Recommended cheap and high quality tattoo kit for beginners is the Grinder tattoo kit, read our detailed review here. If you start you tattoo artist career, you should keep an album or portfolio of those designs which you know you can draw easily.
In reality, a number of tattooists attract clients because they have unique designs which not every tattooist has an easy time drawing. The tattooing equipment varies in technical advancements and that is why someone is better off starting with simple cheap tattoo kits before he can upgrade to the very complex tattoo systems.
As you progresses in the industry, you can always acquire better equipment so that the investments are also proportional to the amount of money that is coming in from drawing tattoos for clients.
This interest assessment is based on Holland's Inventory of Basic Interests, sometimes called the RIASEC assessment.
The Holland interest assessment shows that people with similar personal interest types often like the same types of careers.
After completing the assessment, you'll have an interest profile that matches occupations in various career clusters. Read the descriptions for your top three types to see how well they match your personality and interests.
Find occupations that are likely to match your interests by clicking on the clusters listed under interest types.
Subscribe and get a free copy of "Bust the Starving Artist Myth" plus practical, doable tips on art business, art marketing and life as an artist. But what if you could learn more about how to use those materials to make more art so you could make more money to buy more art materials? Over all the rewarding years of coaching entrepreneurs and working with visual artists, I’ve gained many solid insights while helping them build professional art businesses that last. If you have already made forays into the art world, you may want to keep your other job or find an extra source of support until your art income matches your needs.
I consistently hear good news from my clients about their accomplishments, from completing their first body of work, to being interviewed for an international art magazine, to having their work selected for a national gallery. Now it’s your turn to take this same timeless business information and make your art the jewel in the crown of your creative life.
This book is about the steps before you get into the art market – all you need to know about making art that is marketable and saleable. Once you’ve done that, Artist Career Training has e-books, classes, workshops and private consultations to help you learn to market and sell your work.

For artists who are not sure where or how they fit into the art world, this book provides detailed information on exactly what to do to break into the next stage of their career. You’ll get all the basic bricks to give you a foundation on which to conduct your art business properly while avoiding many common legal or tax problems. Even as an established artist, I found myself taking notes in order to look at some of my perspectives in a different way. Having read many books to improve my art career, I can honestly say this is the book I wish I had found from the beginning.
In a practical and nurturing voice, Aletta guides you through a journey where you discover where you really are as an artist, where you need to be and the steps you must take to get there. Aletta takes the clueless and wandering among us and leads us through her remarkable thought processes, equipping us with a full backpack of perfect tools and the confidence to hike toward our own creative and financial mountaintops. With deep empathy for the daily practical challenges every artist faces, Aletta guides us to the self-knowledge and practical business wisdom we must possess to fully reap the financial rewards we deserve to experience in this lifetime!
This book is the perfect read for those new to the business of art, to learn, in bite-sized chunks, the steps to take. Aletta may not always tell you what you want to hear, but she gives you the straight story on what you need to hear to successfully develop and manage your career as a fine artist. This book is a must-read for anyone contemplating or struggling with a career as a visual artist. Unfortunately, it’s still not quite as popular as some other therapies, but most major metros should have several options for you to explore. It would be wise to take some classes and even attempt to achieve some level of certification, if possible, to help with your art therapy career initiatives.
An Art Therapist, according to the American Art Therapy Association, is someone who has their Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. I have graduated as an art therapist in the Netherlands with a BA degree after 4 years of full time study (which means I have spend twice as much time studying the field as master degree students in the US,UK and OZ). Especially in fields that are not that common, as art therapy, it helps enormously to connect with other people interested in that field and other professionals. I am concerned because the course is expensive but if I do pay for it and graduate as an Art Therapist, how difficult is it to get a job? This seems to be a really unique twist on the more conventional practices of art therapy, and I’d like to pick your brain a bit about it. I see a very diverse profile of patients and have had some successful outcomes using art therapy.
There is always going to be someone who knows someone who needs an AT or there may be a related position that could eventually help you land an AT job. I am seeing that there isn’t a great outlook for it, but there isn’t much of an outlook for anything I want to do anyways (LOL) so should I just go for it? Transferring MFT licensure state to state is a nightmare (especially if you are from CA), and in some states, MFT’s are barely recognized and virtually un-hirable.
I was wondering if it is better when looking for a job to have a art therapy masters degree from a regualr college or an online college or if it matters.
Upon getting a certification and degree, you are now able to open up your own center, great. What I’ve found so far for what works me is either Wisconsin, Illinois, or Kentucky to complete what is needed. Do you then take action and implement them?Have you updated your artist statement, bio and resume? Having the right tattoo kits ensures that the upcoming tattoo artists are not overwhelmed in situations where they need to carry out a certain procedure and due to the lack of tools, they are forced to improvise too much. Someone can rate his progress by checking how well he delivers a certain design from concept stage to real ink.
At the end of the day, uniqueness of the designs are a major selling factor because the interested people know that they are having a design that is potentially permanent.
The good thing to know is that once someone has learn how to use the tattoo simple kits, the advanced features kits will not be that much of a problem. The supplies in cheap tattoo kits are still good (the Grinder tattoo kit for example) to learn the tattoo art and to bring out professional tattoos.
Check websites which has picture gallery features tattoos so that people can compare myriads of designs. Most clusters are listed more than once because they have several occupations that match different Holland interest types. Naturally, this includes how to accomplish your Number One priority as an artist — how to improve and increase your art production.
You’ll also learn what to do to continually assess and develop your unique signature throughout your career. After reading the detailed information compiled by Aletta de Wal I’m happy to say that statement is no longer true. Nothing changes that; no life circumstances, no economic lows, no outside criticism, nothing. Things are good, then they slow down, the situation becomes disappointing, and then one day something shifts and whole new worlds of opportunity open up. People can say they use art as therapy in different fields, as you suggested, but NEVER can ethically say they are doing Art Therapy. Maybe it would be better that you just stay with topics about how art therapy helps and leave this type of career information to the professionals. I have ATR-BC, and LPC credentials as well as an ATRL-licensed art psychotherapist credential. You must essentially trust the process and know that what you offer is important.To be honest, I had to be the art lady a couple of times in the early years.

I even went to the school there as an undergrad studying psychology and minoring in fine arts. I have exhaustively pursued opportunities, to the extent that I have been willing to relocate, but they are so few and far between that it feels completely unrealistic.
I have a question, I’m an artist, graduated from School of Visual Arts, BFA in Illustration, worked at Bellevue Hospital, as an Assistant Teacher in their Day Care Center,(both in Manhattan, New York) now unempolyed, laid off!
Also i was wondering if the internship requirment for the masters program is a paid intership. I’m hearing mixed thoughts on if this is a good career move or not and would love more insight. When the artists improvise too much, they will end up having a final product that looks shoddily done.
Even if they are not expansive tattoo kits, what matters is that all the kits have the tools that are needed to enhance skills and some material for practice designs so that someone does not have to rely on real skin to experiment. Perfection remains a non-negotiable issue because there is very little room for error when something will be visible on your body all your life. You usually prefer to work in unstructured situations where you can use your creativity and come up with new ideas. You can also start looking for schools with art therapy programs and learn how to become an art therapist.
Has anyone graduated from the master’s program or know what the career outlook is in NY? Through academic advisors, I have been advised to cover the basic as well as the specific job.
Like BCVC, I have managed to survive due to the MFT component and have been licensed for several years as an MFT.
I think that instead of each individual art therapist trying to do private sessions, they should combine their funds with other art therapists or art teachers to open up a center, rather than just one person trying to make it on their own.
The idea of the cheap tattoo kits also means that someone is not spending too much on stocking up on crucial tattoo kit items. This will help the person draw the clients and as someone starts with the the cheap tattoo kits, he can soon get more experience and more capital to get newer versions and more expensive kits and become a bigger then life tattoo artist.
Hobbies and career interests You are probably good at math and science, or enjoy analyzing other types of data. I finished with an associates in Sculpting and am in process of a BFA in Saptial Arts and a BS in Clinical Psych. The clinic carried me for the first 2 years while I worked long enough to achieve my license. I also have done art therapy in some extreme conditions wherein I was the only educated therapist within 30 miles in all directions dealing with the entire community’s children. I have used art therapy as a modality where it fits in agency work and in private practice, but am longing for the opportunity to work as an art therapist as part of an interdisciplinary team.
Or, at the very, very least, make sure your MA program and subsequent internship will make you eligible for both MFT and LPC licensure (not only in your state, but in any state you might move to – the guidelines are sometimes very inconsistant) and become duly licensed. That way it would be cheaper, and more helping hands in using the practice, and hopefully bring in more funds. Hobbies and career interests You probably like to work with your hands to build or fix things.
Hobbies and career interests You are likely to be detail oriented and enjoy working with data. You will be more employable and more universally recognized and you can augment your therapy skills with training in art therapy. I am still unsure of going to masters for art therapy, since my bf wants to get a masters also at either SVA or Pratt Institute. You often enjoy reading, investigating and research, or using scientific or computer equipment. You might enjoy fashion, creative writing, drawing, and creating new things in a variety of settings. You are often good at following budgets, creating reports, and making sure that systems and projects work efficiently and effectively. I just hope one day the educational system is equalized globally in the sense of enabling people to do their work and share their experiences globally. In addition to concentrating on organization and capacity building, she also focuses on board development, audience development, collaboration, earned income opportunities, needs assessment, community development and outreach, and funding initiatives.An active board trustee, Ms.
You are often good at activities that involve electronics, mechanics, engineering, lab work, farming and carpentry work.
You might seek out situations where you can work with children, the elderly, people with special needs, or diverse populations. It may not be an Art therapy position at first, but the experience make me a better candidate for specialized positions.
I still feel extremely passionate about the power of art to heal, but, at some point, making a steady living and getting some return on the time and financial investment matters, too. She has served on the board of CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund) in many leadership capacities and still serves on the national, multi-organization disaster planning committee. She serves on the advisory and work committees (of which she is a co-chair for the artists’ services committee) for ArtsPlan NJ.Ms.
Schear is a consultant to the College Art Association where she leads their Tremaine Foundation Professional Development Workshops.

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