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Among the animal art tattoos, the Scorpion designed tattoos are in great demand although scorpion tattoos aren’t considered to be a main stream tattoo, Scorpion tattoos are mostly worn by men however women are also not far behind in the race.
Scorpion is a ferocious and deathly arthropod whose one diabolical sting can end your life with hours of suffering for you to bear. A tribal abstract Scorpion design looks excellent and serves the purpose of representing all that a typical scorpion symbolizes. Do not get surprised if tattoo artist offers you pair of koi fish as an alternative for Gemini tattoo.
The scorpion tattoo is fierce and deadly in look so most of the people who want to show their attitude wear this kind of tattoos.

I don’t see a lot of hubs about scorpion tattoos, but out of the ones I have seen, this is, by far, the best. I mean if Taurus or Scorpio can be pictured with particular animal or sign Gemini gives variety of choices. Koi fish  tattoo has very special meaning and you can double the meaning if you get it as symbol of Gemini zodiac sign.
The scorpion also represents the zodiac sign Scorpio and is thus often opted for by those who are born between October 24 and November 22. You may have your rose look delicate and rosy red or you can make the image more daunting by bringing the thorns of the rose in focus.

These people like the animal are supposed to be passionate and loyal and often overly possessive.
As they always want to stand out from the rest of the crowd they are more likely to get tattoo.

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