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As the web becomes more and more advanced and complicated each year brings new techniques in the world of web design with things moving fast. With there being no ‘above the fold’ content anymore scrolling has turned increasingly popular over the last year. The use of simple innovative design that creates an engaging, humane experience worth repeating is a given. Over the last few years responsive design has solidified itself as the new standard for web design and will continue to be a must in 2015 with greater emphasis placed on performance. In conclusion, with new patterns emerging every day, we are moving towards simplification and accessibility of the web as a whole. This entry was posted in Website Trends and tagged Best Web Design Trends for 2015, custom website, Real Estate Web Design, real estate website on January 21, 2015 by Cherie Young. Isadora Design As specialists in handcrafted, unique, from-scratch websites, Isadora Designs develops innovative, creative websites for clients large and small. With about 200 branding and web development projects to its name, Isadora custom designs websites thanks to state of the art marketing tools, knowledge of creative design and extensive business expertise.
Buildrr offers custom website design and development services that use the latest website development techniques to create websites that are practical to use.
Buildrr offers modern email, Internet and social media marketing services that are designed to help clients attract more customers to their products and services. Many clients enjoy using these services because Buildrr offers highly personalized customer service that helps clients customize these services to meet their needs. This is key in how your visitors view your website with mobile technology and search engines ranking your site.
While some ideas transform into standards and continue to become part of our digital spaces others fade away soon.

The scrolling experience has become more visually attentive for users having to scroll through a page to get their information than to constantly click to find information. Big Typography gels well with the less is more approach and helps the website audience navigate better and faster through the website as everything is clear and they do not have to search the web page for the focus of the web page.
Removing non-essential design elements to keep a site simple will be the new trend that takes center stage this year. Web designers will need to shift their focus towards adaptable, flexible, Responsive re-sizing, image optimization and highly responsive HTML5 videos.
Web aesthetics is continuing to diversify, and while the dominant trends of 2014 look as if they will carry on into 2015, the web will always be in continuous development with the future of these trends being decided by how far we push and adopt them. Converting visitors into customers is the aim of this award-winning company company, which offers everything from responsive web design (RWD) and web development to mobile strategies and branding. Made up of skilled web developers, artists and UI professionals, Isadora uses its many years of expertise to deliver the full web solution for its clients. Our team has a extensive experience in the industry, and our Best Web Design Firms & Website Design Awards are now one of the fastest growing! Some of these services include website planning services, webpage copy writing services and website maintenance services.
Moreover, Buildrr also offers marketing services that are designed to help clients use Flash content, email marketing campaigns, pay-per-view advertising campaigns, web marketing techniques and search engine optimization techniques to increase traffic to their websites.
Scrolling is far quicker than clicking and helps convey masses of information without slowing down the experience for the user.
With Type kits becoming more affordable (or free in the case of Google Fonts) web designers have an overwhelming choice of cheap yet quality font families. Card Design (while not new) is clean, and simple with a lot of versatility it’s a great tool for designers working on responsive websites and will continue to get better with more and more application in an increasing variety of places.

Other popular services include website design services that are designed to help firms use color, logos, text and videos to create websites that are visually appealing. It is also usually faster than regular webpages, mobile and touch friendly, and a non-committal action that requires little thought. While large typography is likely to be king, responsive typography will also be at the helm of trends with varying view ports demanding functional, responsive & versatile typography that will allow users to read text with excellent clarity across any device. Similar to the 2014 trend of the hamburger menu, hidden menus keeps the links hidden away and only become visible until the user needs access and interacts with an element towards the top left of the screen. This firm is also known for its work in ecommerce, although its specialty is cutting-edge design. It puts all your content on one endlessly long page within a “scroll’s reach” and as mobile devices become more popular, it’s becoming more commonplace for sites to opt for scrolling instead of linking as a means to display content. It’s becoming more popular for websites to hide their left-navigation off screen and one can anticipate seeing more sites adopting this.
Quite possibly it will continue to be popular in 2015 due to its clean, simplified style that allows for optimized performance on mobile devices.
Isadora helps clients strategize, design, develop and nurture their websites to enhance the overall user experience. With Screen real estate being a precious commodity on mobile devices Hidden menus are popular among responsive layouts because they clear room for page content. One could speculate that Material Design is where flat design as a whole is headed, ultimately evolving into “Material Design”.

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