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There are a lot of Bible verses on forgiveness found throughout the Scriptures since this is a major biblical theme. Whether we are looking for passages about God forgiving us or those about our responsibility to forgive others, we can discover a lot of information about the nature and expectation of forgiveness.
We have carefully sorted through a huge number of biblical passages to find you the best 20 bible quotes on forgiveness for use in sermons, reflection, or study that clearly reflect the importance of forgiveness in the life of all Christians who profess to follow in the way of Jesus.
These Bible verses on forgiveness tell us that God wants to forgive us for our sins and this is clearly displayed in the attitude of Jesus toward those who were crucifying him.

We discover in these biblical passages that God wants us to forgive others in the same way he has forgiven us. When looking at the way God forgives us, we can see that forgiveness goes beyond out understanding of forgiveness. We are not to seek vengeance or desire ruin on those who have hurt us and harmed us in some way. You will have lots of free forgiveness quotes images and comments to share with your friends.

And as God's forgiveness includes no longer remembering out sins, we also need to strive to forget the sins of others and continue to forgive them no matter how many times they have hurt us.

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