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Buddha Tattoo Ideas and Meaning- Where to start when decide for a Buddha tattoo, you can Google hundreds of good designs in the internet to get an idea for your special design. Believed is that Buddhist tattoos originate from Thailand, where soldiers visit the temples to get sacred tattoos from the monks. Then find a good Tattoo artist, almost all the tattoo studios have a good website with their artists and portfolios.

Buddhist or Buddha tattoos have deep meanings, if you decide for a Sak Yant tattoo and you are willing to travel then I would go for a traditional tattoo in a temple.
If you don’t find the time or the cash to travel that far, then there are enough options near you. Since He not just understood burt also enlighten others, He is called Samma-Sam Buddha The perfect enlighten one.
To attain Buddhahood there is a period over many lives,during this period he undergoes spiritual exercises to develop, generosity, discipline, renunciation, wisdom, energy, endurance, truthfulness, determination, compassion and perfect calmness are the qualities to perfection.

Just as certain plants and trees can bear only one flower, even so one world-system can bear only one Fully Enlightened Buddha.

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