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They have become very popular as they combine style and a small element of social service together. There is a huge and colorful variety of such tattoos and if you are in the search of designs to be worn as cancer ribbon tattoos, this is a wonderful place. A simple yet beautiful personalized pink ribbon and heart placed on an ankle in honor of the wearers mom. Stretching out the ribbon to form the word hope makes for a creative take on the traditional pink ribbon.
Personalizing the tattoo with the person’s name makes this ribbon upon a cross special. Taking a traditional standard pink ribbon and adding a black accent makes for a more stylish and edgy design. This inspirational design would more than likely represent the memory of someone who battled breast cancer. The line art on the lower leg is simple yet speaks a powerful message an added element (the bee) makes it personal.
A more girly take on the pink ribbon with black curly accents make for a sentimental foot tattoo.

The creator of this took an less traditional route, using a bold pink bow instead and added it to a bold brown anchor. The pink ribbon with a bold outline has fancy curly wings to form a butterfly on the forearm. A pink bow with blue behind the ribbon with a small white skull taking a less traditional approach to breast cancer awareness. The pink ribbon being torn and the inspiration script below represents the struggle that came from fighting cancer.
A fancy script with a traditional pink ribbon serves as a reminder that things get better on the rib cage. TweetA symbol of masculinity and values, the samurai has been a popular tattoo for years in Japan and surrounding areas. MelAus PartnersCANCER RIBBON WITH WINGS TATTOODesign by peter cancerribbon stomachcancer nino angelwings this tattoo. Recognized throughout the world; they are used to make people alert about the threat of cancer and inform them about its symptoms and treatment methods. This symbol has become an international sign to represent one’s moral support for women with breast cancer.

Whether the tattoo represents one’s personal battle with breast cancer or a memento to a loved one who lost the battle, the people who wear these tattoos have an inspiring story to go along with their pink ribbon that they’ve chose to adorn their bodies with. The tattoos range from a simple pink ribbon or bow to elaborate and intricate designs that represent the person individually. Some are paired with words of inspiration while others have a symbol to represent the struggle. Below are a few of the many designs that have been used to support breast cancer awareness.
Cherry Blossom Flowers With The Breast Cancer RibbonCherry Blossom Flowers With The Breast Cancer Ribbon14.

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