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Cassie: Yeah, this is definitely equal on the playing field of home, if not better to me as home. And just on top of it, I mean, aside from being career focused, you guys know there’s so much to do here. Cassie: I got it done at Deluxe Tattoo at Southport and Irving, probably a month after my graduation ceremony. We love all sorts of Chicago-related tattoos and love interviewing the people who have them. The Bulls headed into the 2012 NBA Playoffs with a sterling 50-16 record and homecourt advantage throughout. Everyone grieves in different ways, though recent studies show most people grieve with sad Facebook statuses. If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead. We got to a show at the Hideout way too early and ran into Cinnamon Cooper who had made the same mistake about the show time that  we had.
When Jaime and I met in a downtown Starbucks, he was still working at the now-closed Ginza Sushi Restaurant on the ground floor of the now-closed Tokyo Hotel. Jaime: I wanted the flag, but I wanted to make it a little bit different, and I thought black looks better on me. At the end of the day, a tattoo is about what you want and what you like and something about yourself, not really necessarily what everybody else thinks. With the awesome talent on the Chicago Blackhawksa€™ roster -- and the commensurate amazing record the team posted this season a€“ the Indian Head has stricken fear into all NHL opponentsa€¦but they havena€™t seen anything yet! The Hawks are looking to escalate their game in the postseason, and so their logo should do the same a€“ this original gothic take will let all foes know that death is skating for them and on a quest for Lord Stanleya€™s Cup!
The original artwork for the SKULLHAWK TEE SHIRT was already based upon a tattoo style, so it's only natural that we'd also offer these as temporary transferable tats! I was born in California and we lived there till I was three and I have lived in various cities in Arizona ever since. The restaurant scene is kind of unmatched unless you’re talking about New York or something like that. I was born and raised near Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!) and have lived here for seven years. It includes a portion of the city’s famous skyline (anchored by Willis Tower, the CNA Center, and The John Hancock Center), the vertical Chicago Theatre sign, the Art Institute lion statue, the Chicago Marathon, the Flag of Chicago (which serves as the marathon finish line), the Andersonville water tower, and the Lollapalooza logo. I mean, it's better than being a Wizards fan or a Bucks fan or a Nuggets fan; it's also for sure way better than being a Cubs fan.
They also entered the postseason with Derrick Rose having two functioning knees and Joakim Noah having two functioning ankles.
You have to assume this is an unfinished designed, otherwise Scottie Pippen will have some serious beef. So it might be a little hard to realize what it is on first glance for some people, especially people that are not from Chicago.

My life has not been easy, to say the least, and maybe not as colorful as the actual flag is. I like being behind the scenes, I like just being there and doing the work that no one sees, to be able to put on events that people then go and see and love and cherish for years to come. We have the most stunning architecture, an incredible restaurant scene, nationally recognized craft beer makers, unbeatable music venues and festivals, the world’s best comedy, a tremendous sports and recreation scene, incomparable artwork, an ocean-sized lake with sunny beaches, world-class higher education, convenient public transportation (that is, until Ventra came along), and best of all, the people are as kind as they are beautiful! The tattoo required four visits to the shop plus a quick touch-up session after I was fully healed to see if anything needed to be darkened. The Art Institute lion (in addition to being my favorite part of my tattoo) is just so majestic and the Institute itself so breathtaking that I couldn’t not include it.
But, so far as Chicago Bulls fandom is concerned, the last few weeks have been pretty miserable. Like by getting big-ass tattoos of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman scrolled across their back. It was a pretty hard debate between the skyline or the flag or something else, but the skyline is even more common than the flag is. I lived in the suburbs for a little bit when I was in high school, but I moved back over to the city a couple years ago, because it’s just so much better over here. The only city, the only other place that I’ve ever been to that took my breath away as much as Chicago was Tokyo in Japan. That gives me really deep satisfaction knowing I was there working to put this whole event on.
There’s always something going on with museums, festivals, whatever, you can never get bored here.
I remember being captivated by the size and beauty of Chicago’s skyline and telling myself that it was just a matter of time before I would be living there myself. I decided to include the Chicago Marathon scene after watching my mom run the race (and qualify for Boston) in 2011. In the end, the Bulls became the fifth top seed ever to lose in the first round of the NBA playoffs.
However, I moved to Chicago sixteen years ago, fell in love with the city and felt like I'd found home after moving around my entire life.
I just think the flag is so much more unique, because it actually symbolizes Chicago, with the lines and the stars and everything. First tattoo, I told myself it’s going to be something that kind of represents my life, and nothing comes to my mind more than home.
I got some great reviews on him from friends, so I decided to give him a try, and I tried it. I mean, I wouldn’t be the same person that I was if I had just stayed at home and continued doing what I was doing there. That was really the extent of my experience with Chicago before actually moving here in 2007 after college.
I spent several months sketching my ideas over and over before setting up an appointment and running my ideas by Miles.

Including the Flag of Chicago was a no-brainer but it was Miles’ idea to incorporate it into the marathon finish line. And then we went to New Orleans for vacation and then I felt like I'd found where my soul belonged. Each one of those cities, of course, have their own unique things about them, but there’s nothing like home. A lot of things happened there that shaped me but this is just like another stepping stone in becoming who I am so it’s just like a second home.
Since moving here, I have lived in Evanston, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview (twice) and hope to move to Bucktown, Wicker Park, or the West Loop this summer. Miles was very easy to work with and being the professional artist that he is, he was able to take my sketches to an entirely different level. The Andersonville Water Tower is important to me because not only because Andersonville is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city (great food, festivals, and people), it’s also the Swedish capital of Chicago and I have strong Swedish roots in my blood.
So it's sort of this difference between where everything fits and where everything feels free.
In all fairness, you can see that the stars are a little bit misaligned or whatever you want to say. I worked at City Winery and I got to work with Schubas and I got to intern at a really awesome booking agency called Flower Booking. He made sure that the placement of the various elements made sense and that there was a nice balance of color throughout the entire piece. The Lollapalooza logo was included for obvious reasons - it’s the greatest weekend of the year in Chicago! After I wrote the cookbook I'd been trying to come up with a way to combine New Orleans and Chicago and food all in one thing.
It’s just nice to know that there are so many great resources for art and science and literature and music and food and anything you can think of is right at my fingertips in my own backyard. I was practically front and center for a performance that will never be topped in my lifetime. And then after I wrote the cast iron cookbook and we were on vacation in New Orleans and I saw the water meter and I was like, yeah, I really like that symbol, too. And I came back and talked to a friend and she's like, "just put that on a skillet." Why didn't I think of that?
So I found a tattoo artist here named Serena Landers and contacted her and said these are the images that I'm thinking about combining, here's like twenty fleur-de-lis, here are several different Chicagoish images that I'm interested in, and a skillet.

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