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In western culture, dragons have been depicted very differently than they have in Chinese culture. There are nearly an unlimited number of options for individuals who are looking to for Chinese tattoo designs. Japanese dragons are not simply beautiful design choices for tattoos, they are ancient symbols full of meaning. In Japanese myth, the dragon Ryujin held sway over the power of the ocean, regulating the tides with magical jewels from his undersea palace of coral.
This is why in Japan, dragons have long been associated with water, which helps to explain the reptilian, serpentine appearance of Japanese dragons. Guardians: Japanese dragons are akin to the angels of Western culture, possessing superhuman strength, a fearless spirit, and divine wisdom. Symbol of immortality: their ability both to create and to destroy represents the eternal cycle of life and death, as witnessed in nature.
Black, white, blue and red colored dragons are described as corresponding with the four elements (wind, earth, water and fire), as well as with the four directions (north, south, east and west). Yellow dragons are considered a rare occurrence, with a reputation for staying aloof from humanity, only appearing at opportune moments. There are many different symbols that refer to different kinds of dragons that are commonly alluded to in Chinese writing and storytelling. In many European nations the dragon was seen as a blood thirsty, and almost evil creature that only looked out for itself. The vast majority of Chinese symbols are made up of one or more of the symbols that are commonly used for words in Chinese literature. Compared to western culture, Chinese culture is considered to be fairly strict, and much more traditional.

There are many different phrases that are commonly tattooed on individuals across the world. With so many symbols available, finding a way to place them together to create your own Chinese tattoo should not be that difficult of a task. Understanding the different types of dragons, and what qualities they represent, can help you select a design that will best suit your personality.
Like the Chinese dragon, the anatomy of a Japanese dragon is a combination of parts from a number of animals, with each part symbolizing a quality from the animal it represents. The only real difference is that Japanese dragons have only three digits on each extremity, while Chinese dragons have four or (usually) five.
The association with the imperial family provides insight to the nature of guardianship that Japanese dragons can symbolize. Inking a design on the upper arm, with the dragon wrapping around the arm, then extending onto the chest or back, is another popular option. For instance, in Chinese culture, the dragon is a revered symbol that has signified many things for thousands of years.
You may have seen several movies where a dragon would be shown attacking castles, using its fire breathing abilities to harass entire towns. It is recommended that you consult someone who knows the language before tattooing any foreign symbols on you. Dragons are viewed very differently in Chinese culture, compared to the way dragons have been depicted by the rest of the world. Dragons in Chinese folklore are very different from the dragons that were often part of European folklore.
Because of this depiction, the Chinese government has considered changing the national symbol from a dragon to a create that is depicted in a more diplomatic sense across the world.

With so many different options available, the choice really becomes what you would like the tattoo to say or mean. A common tattoo for Chinese men to have is a collection of symbols that represent each of the members of their immediate family. This are phrases and symbols that are commonly found being used in Chinese folklore, and have also found their place in modern Chinese society. While inking the entire dragon is the most popular choice, tattoos featuring just the head of a Japanese dragon are another option. Depending on the culture, the dragon has been portrayed in many different ways, from a monster that can not be tamed, to a symbol of power and authority.
While European folklore portrayed dragons to be nasty, vile and evil creatures, the Chinese version of the dragon was said to control water in the form of rain and floods. There really is an endless assortment of different symbols that can be used to convey a different message. While in most of the world this would more than likely refer to the family unit, as in the father, mother, and children, in Chinese culture these tattoos also commonly include grandparents and any other family members such as aunts and uncles who may be close to the family.
It has been said that the Chinese government has considered removing the dragon as their national symbol because of the warlike connotations that were associated with the creature by the European countries, particularly during the medieval era.
These symbols may be the spelling of their actual name using the Chinese alphabet, or the individual may choose symbols that he feels represents the spirit of each member of the family.

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