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In this post, I will show you three new functionalities brought by MVC4 for mobile websites.
Smartphone and tablet are able to read websites not optimized for tiny screen but if a user can jump automatically on an optimized version of the website, it’s better for everyone! In the view, you just have to add some tag to tell how jQuery mobile needs to display the page.
If we take a look at this code (Menu of the website generated by MVC4), you will probably recognize the Razor syntax.
I will not describe all the new mobile features in MVC 4 in this post but there’s two another interesting features that I want to talk about and wich can interest some of you. This browser overriding ability allows user with mobile device to switch onto the classic version and vice versa.
If we take a look at the added code, you should have a new partial View (in the Shared folder) called _ViewSwitcher.cshtml.
In this code we can see the new GetOverridenBrowser method which returns the request’s user agent override value, or the actual user agent string if no override has been specified.
Here again we could take a look at some new method wich allows overriding brower agent value. If you want to change the user agent without buy every mobile on the market, you could use amazing extension like User Agent Switcher (For Firefox).
To learn this stuff I have created a mock site in an MVC 4 template, then downloaded the Mobile Nuget Package with the switcher, but cannot figure out how to upgrade the native view with the switcher on it.
See screenshots from a Sample AppSee how your event can look like, in just a few minutes Create a Mobile Q&A Session Event Participants enter questions, and vote on the best ones.
If you’d like more sophisticated surveys for your event, Zwoor Survey allows easy creation of surveys, and makes reporting easy, with instant availability of data. Create your Mobile Survey in the next five minutesSelect from our list of proven templates, add images, customize your survey right now. Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables you to gather real insight into your event participants.
Our predefines survey templates allow you to literally create a survey in less than a minute.
For customers asked to provide feedback on services, scribbling on paper printed surveys and wondering who will see the survey paper next, there is good news ahead. For managers trying to better understand user satisfaction, and improvements, in remote service points like hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, sports arenas, or franchises, there is good news ahead.
For field workers, used to scribble notes on paper, then enter them on computers at the end of the day, there is a better way now – just enter the field data on an iPad or iPhone. For Conference organizers that need to determine the ratings of the event, a speaker or a professor engaging the audience real time, questions can now be answered real time via mobile devices, and displayed real time. For an arena manager trying to engage their audience before the sporting event starts, and offer a prize for the best set of answers from the audience to questions displayed on the Jumbotron, the Zwoor Survey app provides timed questions, so each 60 seconds the audience sees exactly the same question at the same second. Consumers carry now smart phones fully capable of answering a survey for the place of service via a mobile app.

With over 50 templates addressing the most common surveys, a user can setup a survey in less than a minute. We naturally teach our children the basic names of their body parts such as their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc, but why stop there. This book is written for younger children and provides a wonderful overview of a person’s skin, head, eyes, ears, chest, stomach, legs and arms, and hands.
As children’s interest in their body grows, this book provides even more understanding than the first two mentioned.
I remember writing a post about motherhood not being about perfection when I started this blog. If you’re searching for God and have more questions than answers, this book "None Like Him" will help you feel at ease while on your journey. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Google is turning 15 tomorrow and, fittingly, it’s celebrating the occasion by announcing a couple of new features for Google Search.
On mobile, Google is now making it easier to use your voice to set reminders and have those synced between devices. With regard to notifications, it’s also worth noting that Google is now adding Google Now push notifications to its iPhone app, which will finally make Google Now useful on Apple’s platform. With this template you’ll be able to develop quickly a website especially for mobile and tablet. If you already worked with MVC 3, you will see a big different between generated websites ! You are now able to develop a full mobile website … But how to switch automatically between classic and mobile website depending on the browser type ? Thanks to the User Agent name available in the page request, you can, for example, target an iPhone, Android or WP7 user.
If the user Agent is declared as an Android or Windows Phone browser, MVC4 will try to find the good view for this device.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. An iPad used for a street survey, an iPhone in a conference center with spotty carrier signal and weak wifi will be able to still run our surveys.
Be that in a large,10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, or in a small presentation, we can handle both. And for plans as low as 4 cents per participants, is hard to argue with the value of the app. Tap the Zwoor Survey app on your iPad, iPhone touch screen, enter the code for the place of business, and provide the feedback with a few finger taps. Now, there is an easy to use way of collecting consumer sentiment, via mobile phones, or via an iPad device stand in the service area.
No connectivity required, and thousands of entries can be entered before the next synch is done, when wifi or carrier signal is available.

And for a class test, time bound surveys, that need to be answered in X minutes, are already built in the app.
The library of templates speeds up the creation of high quality, proven surveys, be that for capturing intent to buy during product demos, or customer satisfaction in a trade show, conference or department meeting, or a hotel or restaurant service. Why not continue to help them expand their knowledge and teach them about the names of their 206 bones, their 630 muscles, etc.
The topics that the book shares are skin, muscles, front skeleton, breathing, blood, circulatory system, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, senses, and back skeleton. Thanks to its Knowledge Graph, the company continues to push to give users answers instead of just links, and with today’s update, it’s now featuring the ability to use the Knowledge Graph to compare things. So you can say “Ok Google, Remind me to buy butter at Safeway” on your Nexus tablet and when you walk into the store with your iPhone, you’ll get that reminder.
We are not dependent on the connectivity in the venue – we know that some of the spots are without cellular or wifi coverage.
Be that in a large, 10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, in a small presentation, or for a field workers with no connectivity while collecting data, the app can handle all.
The pictures are clear and help little visual learners understand how magnificently our bodies are constructed. In the past, I use to analyze everything and everyone, but as I grow, I accept that loving others is what really matters in life. If you want to compare the nutritional value of olive oil to butter, for example, Google Search will now give you a comparison chart with lots of details. To enable this, Google will roll out a new version of its Search app for iPhone and iPad in the next few weeks. Throughout The Busy Body Book children are encouraged to get moving and keep their bodies busy. Through my blog I am sharing with you the love I have for my husband, my children, and myself.
For consumer surveys on hotels, hospitals, restaurants, arenas, users can now fill in surveys using their own mobile devices.
I am on a mission to cleverly help empower and uplift others so you too can enjoy your life and live freely. The Zwoor Survey mobile app works on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tables, and even on Kindle Fires.
For field users that need to capture data on mobile devices while offline, a solution literally at the fingertips.

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