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Dandelion Tattoo meaning - could mean a lot of things, such as: letting go, dreams, wishes, your childhood (that passed). Cyprus – the dandelion means grandfather (so, if you are looking to get a tattoo for your grandfather, you might choose a dandelion. A couple of placement ideas – on your ankle, behind your ear, on your foot, on your forearm, on your hip, on your lower back, on your neck (or even the back of your neck), on your shoulder. DID YOU KNOW??It is believed that about a fifth of people with tattoos in the United States regret choosing the designs for their tattoos. Outlining - Shading - Coloring - and finally Cleaning + Bandaging.Tattoo for your ThighDeciding what tattoo to get is always a challenge. If you are looking for an unique dandelion tattoo, you might choose one of the pictures above or bellow.

If you've decided on getting a tattoo inked on your thigh(s), you could opt for a Snake, Rose, Black Cat, or even a Monster tattoo. Hence, don't rush into anything and find the design that's right for you.Tattoo ProcedureThere are four main steps involved in getting a tattoo made. However, this issue can be easily fixed when you have a collection of designs to choose from.
Altough for some people it has religious meanings, for other it doesn’t have the same meaning.
But that doesn't mean that men can't opt for this location.The main concern here is, finding the design that works for you. Magic (an alligator) and freedom (free like a bird or like playing a guitar) are also meanings of the dandelion.

Also, some people believe that the dandelion is related to who will you love and how long you will live. A great thing about these tattoos is that you can either select them as they are, or include other elements to the design. This way, you'll have a unique tattoo that represents your innermost feelings and the message you wish to send across through it.

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