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Things become more difficult in this male-dominated world, where we hear a lot about equal rights and women empowerment, but seldom see any.
They have been a rage for quite a while now, and while most of the tattoos stand out for their design, they are all about the right placement! The upright placement of theirs, no matter how sturdy or delicate the chosen design is, always gives women a sense of self-confidence and courage to boldly face the world by standing neck to neck with those who threaten her existence and self-respect. A lot of women are getting tattooed for apparent reasons – it could make them extremely girly and chic.
Know that while the spine may be helpful in keeping your back straight, it is not your back!

Let's admit it, though the sensitive gender may seem to be more dependent and vulnerable in the world, the fact is that men need women more than women need men. Spine tattoos are the designs that are artistically placed over your spine, whereas back tattoos may or may not cover the entire back.A tattoo is nothing but an artistic way of painting your body with elements that reflect your personality, and you wouldn't want to come off as one whose personality lacks a spine!
Well, haven't we heard enough of people who claim that they have one, but when the time comes, we see none!
The space that they cover and the opportunity that these designs give to the tattoo artists to take out their creative juices and make the tattoo as meaningful and self-explanatory as possible, is more than what any other tattoo can give you. In this world of fierce competition, and living a life that has many complications, it is very rare to come across people who stand by their words.

When you know the meanings behind, it’s definitely strong personal statement besides the girly style. And because we humans are made in such a way, that we become what we see around, it is nothing but a challenge to have the courage and strength to live a life with morals and integrity; in short―have a spine!
Each woman who strongly feels about life and its passion is capable of making her own design as per her unique personality.

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