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Just as a phoenix rises from the ashes born anew, a tattoo you no longer desire can be made into something beautiful.
Tribal-inspired tattoos that heavily feature line work are possibly the best way to hide another black and white tattoo.
As always, thanks for reading, and we hope you will enjoy the gallery and the rest of our tattoo galleries like the one about White Ink Tattoos! While it’s a prevailing myth that tattoos are permanent, there are many different ways that tattoo artists can cover tattoos. A good way to break down this tattoo cover up idea is to think of the different colors involved first, and then experiment with designs that have things with a similar color. Whether it becomes a black box or a twisting tribal tattoo, the solid black ink ensures that the tattoo will be covered forever. No matter what kind of tattoo cover up idea you choose, its quality depends entirely on the artist. This is a good option if you received an absolutely terrible tattoo, but still feel attached to the concept behind it.

Don’t be afraid to shell out a little extra cash to make sure that the cover up looks amazing.
I thought I was done with tattoos, but I'm thinking of getting another one of the side of my hip.
Tattoo artists will usually recommend this option if it’s possible, but you might want to ask about it anyways.
Another way these can be done is to make the original lines part of the art—making this tattoo cover up idea hidden in plain sight! Even though a little bit of the old one is peeking out from behind the design, it perfectly integrates with it. It could represent a void in your life, or perhaps it represents something about the society you live in.
Thankfully, it’s rare for cover ups to fail to cover up a tattoo, but it might be possible that colored tattoos will fade over time. You want it done right the second time, as with every cover up, the complexity and size of the cover up will grow.

Experienced artists might even be able to lighten dark areas of tattoos that have mostly black ink. If that doesn’t work, colors may be hidden in darker ink colors within the shadows of a different design.
Here is a gallery of over sixty tattoo cover up ideas, complete with a small guide to the different types. In the example above, the psychedelic color scheme translated into a swag dinosaur quite well.
Be sure to check out our gallery of over sixty tattoo cover up ideas, as well as the rest of our site dedicated to tattoos!

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