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Many people view dolphins and dolphin tattoos as highly symbolic – these intelligent creatures are seen as a friendly and benevolent protector and a symbol of the joy and abundance that is associated with the ocean. They can express someone's desire for a deeper spirituality, dignity, wisdom and balance in life. Some people get a dolphin tattoo simply because it is cute and because it makes them smile when they see it. Dolphins are often combined with other symbols, like a fairy, the moon, sun, stars, waves, the yin yang symbol, hearts and so on. Dolphins can also be adapted to a variety of other tattoo styles, like Celtic or Tribal styles. No matter what style of you decide to get, your tattoo will be a positive day-to-day reminder of the kind of person you seek to be and will encourage you to focus on the important elements of life, while not neglecting joy and happiness. Whether you're thinking about getting a slick tribal dolphin tattoo design, cartoon dolphin tat or a more complex combination of tribal and dolphin image, perusing the very best flash available for these body art images is sure to give you a healthy dose of inspiration. With their smooth, curvy, flowing shape and natural coloring dolphins are exceptional subjects in the world of tribal tattoos. With a few smooth lines, a sophisticated tribal dolphin can be tattooed right onto the skin, where it will serve as a symbol of hope and optimism for the rest of your life. British poet Matthew Green once wrote, "Though pleas'd to see the dolphins play, I mind my compass and my way." This refers to the hypnotizing effect that watching a dolphin swim can have on you. When you see a dolphin on TV or in real life, look at its face; chances are, it's going to look like it's grinning right at you.
The natural appearance of a dolphin makes it appear friendly and kind, which is another reason that they've developed such positive connotations through the years. On one episode of the long-running - and extremely popular - animated TV series The Simpsons, Marge said, “I brought you a tuna sandwich.

Nearly all of the time, tattoos of dolphin designs have been depicted as graceful, intelligent and benevolent creatures.
A 1973 movie called "The Day of the Dolphins" featured a group of exceptionally smart dolphins. Jack Handy, of Saturday Night Live fame, once said, "“If you saw two guys named Hambone and Flippy, which one would you think liked dolphins most? The dolphin has a near-universal appeal and it almost always draws positive connotations to mind.
It is a symbol of rejuvenation and new life, just as some believe Christ came to bring new life to people on earth.
Many people choose to get a dolphin tattoo to remind themselves of these qualities each day, and to make an outward statement of the type of person they are striving to be. The image of a dolphin sailing through deep sea waters brings to mind ideas of free-spirited independence. Of course, the dolphin and unicorn are a classic combination and can be considered the most epic duo of all time. This is partly because of the various shapes in which it can be depicted – normally oblong, it can be curled into a near-spherical shape without looking distorted. People can't help but smile when they see a dolphin, so a dolphin design is never a bad idea.
In fact, it ranked dolphins second in intelligence among all species - except, of course, for mice. The fact that dolphins came in a close second, though, is something that these beautiful sea creatures should feel justifiably proud of. As the subject of tribal tattoos, then, dolphins are great choices for those who want something cheery and optimistic.

Before settling on a particular tattoo of a dolphin, you might want to think about the names that you would use to describe your ideal dolphin.
They had been kidnapped; at one point in the movie, they manage to pull of a major assassination with success. A dolphin done in the same style as a Simpsons character might be a cool idea for a tattoo design, actually. Because it lives in the sea, the Celts came to associate dolphins with rejuvenation and a new start in life as well. The Greeks saw the dolphin as a mystic figure with a spiritual connection to the sea and the entire universe. You can have an outstretched dolphin, or even a chain of them (nose to tail), to form an armband – or you can have the image curled around your bellybutton. By getting a tattoo of a tribal dolphin, you'll always be able to look at one without danger of becoming lost.
Although such a feat took an amazing level of intelligence and comprehension, it also required some less-than-friendly motives, too, which flew in the face of most other depictions of dolphin tattoos throughout history. They interpreted the presence of dolphins riding in a ship’s wake as a very good omen. Men usually go for serious and realistic tattoo art, women in general prefer a more flowery and mystical vibe. If you're a fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a dolphin tattoo might be right up your alley.

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