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We didn’t forget to get something to eat alongside our fabulous mixed drinks, the Drunken Monkey cooks up a great range of food including dim sum as well as separate noodle and rice dishes.
The night out was a success, we all had a lovely time with some great food, tasty cocktails and even better chat. WelcomeWelcome to Stylish London Living, a lifestyle blog run by husband and wife team Micaela & Vladimir which encompasses all areas of life. This blog does accept products to review and sponsored posts where we maintain editorial control. I recently created a Daily Chore Chart for Lily to get her used to completing simple tasks each day.
Just come across your site and tried to download the weekly planner but it said I didn’t have authorisation and needed a wordpress blog. Cassie, I just downloaded your Weekly Meal Plan template for the 2nd time…I saw that you say it was updated. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. If you share my love for design or are interested in receiving information regarding my services, please fill out the form or email me* and I will get back to your shortly. Mascot and logo designed for Attis food, company that sells embassed fruits and vegetables as healthy snacks. Salesforce is an enterprise cloud computing company that distributes business software on a subscription basis. The POG characters were part of an integrated campaign launched to re-introduce the popular kid's game on early 90's for a North American and French audience. New corporative image for Doctor Dreadful, a game where kids can build their own laboratory and drink and eat everything they make!.
Altex Expert has a growing list of different top web experts who have signed up with them and who will be involved in different web projects based on their expertise. I created several characters for the official Pamela Anderson's Poker game to be used on promotional stuff and into the game. Linerider is a game created by Bostjan Cadez, a Slovenian university student, and it became an instant success. I loved working with the guys of Cheeky Monkey Media, they had a clear idea in their minds but they also gave me lots of freedom.
Freepowerboards offerso the most feature rich forum solution for users seeking a free forum host.
Arcade Lab was founded in 2003 to create games with tradition and quality, and they quickly became a hot name in the business. The Drunken Monkey is a clean, new, comfortable and secure hostel, located in the neighbourhood of Arbanasi.

The Drunken Monkey prides itself in being both the cultural and geographical hubs of not only the Dalmatian coast but also the central axis point of Croatia.
In 2003, with the huge majority of Hong Kong's action stars either aging dramatically or moved to North America and the Hong Kong industry being dominated by pop stars poorly prepared for action roles with just weeks of training prior to shooting, legendary performer and director Lau Kar Leung - by this point well into his sixties - decided something had to be done. Lau stars as Bill Man, an armed agent for a delivery service, who rescues an undercover police detective (Gordon Liu) when his cover is blown while pursuing an opium gang, only to discover that brother and business partner - along with their entire company - are themselves involved in the smuggling scheme with Man being literally the only honest man in the outfit. The plot of Drunken Monkey is, frankly, painfully familiar, seemingly cobbled together from the bits of several other films. Given its weak box office response in Hong Kong the film received only a bare bones release in its native country and it is, perhaps, naive to hope for better here.
This week, Shane Black's buddie-thriller The Nice Guys is premiering wide, and as Jason Gorber said in his review, the main reason to go see it is the very successful pairing-up of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. This week sees the wide release of Yorgos Lanthimos' weird satiric drama The Lobster, in which single people need to find love or get changed into animals. Terence Davies, regarded as one of the greatest living British directors, doesn't make films too often.
Last weekend was Mother's Day in many countries worldwide, so I wanted this week's "Have Your Say" to be leaning in that direction. INTERCHANGE: The Colors And Feathers Dazzle In First Trailer For Dain Said's Supernatural Noir3.
Raven Banner Entertainment Lands Worldwide Sales Rights For Finland's First Superhero Flick, RENDEL1. INTERCHANGE: The Colors And Feathers Dazzle In First Trailer For Dain Said's Supernatural Noir2.
Raven Banner Entertainment Lands Worldwide Sales Rights For Finland's First Superhero Flick, RENDEL4.
I recently had a lovely night out with some workmates and we found ourselves in the Drunken Money in Shoreditch just around the corner from our office. I had Singapore noodles with vegetables which was delicious with crunch veg and smooth noodles which was very satisfying. I first put it together in April, 2011 as part of the Fly Lady Baby Steps and it has changed a lot since then. This also sits on my fridge and I use it to keep track of what I need to do for dinner, general errands and reminders, blog to-dos, Weekly Cleaning Zone tasks and my Daily & Weekly Task. Last year we went to a caravan park with powered sites which was good for us as it was our first time camping as a family.
It’s a very general list and might not be entirely suitable for your needs but there is room to add things and you are also able to delete things.
During the last months I have worked in collaboration with the agency 3e60mena and Toyota representatives in the creation of a whole set of beautiful poses for this friendly character.

I created a vibrating illustrative logo design including a character in several poses, I also created simpler version of their logo for easy printing. Among other tasks I helped in their ad campaign by creating several avatars based on the German handball player Stefan Kretzschmar, speaker and brand embassor of Sport 1 Poker. I was hired to develop several sketches of key roles in the company, to create further 3d models to be reproduced in internal communications. My work consisted on refreshing the character image without losing its characteristic features.
They wanted an humorous but still respectable Alien mascot that convey a clear message: we are innovative and technologically advanced. This is one of the designs that brought more acknowledgement to SOSFactory, not only because of the quality of the illustration and the extended use of this MMORPG, but because of the massive spreading of the studio cases I wrote for PSDTuts.
The design went so smooth that only a few iterations were needed to get an eyecatching vectorial mascot design that transmits just the right message. His last project -still in progress - is Killer Chop, an online tutor to play electric guitar.
Their games have been downloaded and played by tens of millions of people all over the world.
Zadar is blessed to be a stones throw from a plethora of remote but accesible islands of exquisite beauty. In his review, Jason Gorber voiced his disappointment about ending up not loving the film, though other people did. Next to that is the zone work section (more to come on that), the weekly tasks and daily tasks. This year we decided to be a bit more daring and went to Green Patch in Booderee National Park on the South Coast. Even though we got a very good quality in the character vectorial design, the logo came out too conventional in my opinion. Three of Croatia´s best National Parks, each unique in environment and biodiversity, are less than two hours away. Then just copy and paste the tasks for the week’s zone over to the first spreadsheet. We had an unpowered site, across from an amenities block and only a short walk to the beach.

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