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Back in 2009, Pat interviewed Brooklyn-based tattooist John Reardon -- author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo -- when John was working at Saved Tattoo. Your adventures seem to be reflected in your drawings and sketches, but do they also impact your tattoo work?
The barcode tattoo as a statement against society rivaled the popularity of misinterpreted Kanji in the nineties, but one artist is bringing it back as a way to connect people's online lives with their fleshy ones. We've been checking in with a number of tattooist friends in Japan and happy to say that all those we contacted are safe and continuing to work through the disaster. The son of a Buddhist altar craftsman, Genko chose tattooing as his own craft after becoming a client of renowned new school artist Sabado of Eccentric Super Tattoo in Nagoya.
Today, Genko stays true to his Eccentric education by approaching tattoos in a modern way, but with his very own, distinct flair.
Last week we wrote about fundraising for relief efforts in Japan that are being organized within the tattoo community.
For this week's artist profile, we're showing our Canadian friends some love with a spotlight on tattooist David Glantz of Archive Tattoo in Toronto.David and his wife Elyse opened Archive Tattoo in 2008, an appointment-only studio offering a diversity of solid work from classic to modern tattoo genres. Activist, writer, designer and all around tattoo phenom Heidi Minx has spent tireless years working for social justice.
Read more from Heidi on her Care2 blog, her column for The Huffington Post, and her Inked for a Cause blog. Kat Von D portrait tattoo by Erin Chance With filming beginning for yet another tattoo TV show, NY Ink, it seems the timing is right for Dr.
While not exactly a Buddhist monk, the tattoo work of the artist known as Electric Pick won’t always be available to the public, either.
Though he travels extensively and loves the influence that travel has on him and his work, Pick currently spends the majority of his time in Denmark, helping out at Conspiracy Inc. And while tattooing may pay the bills and ignite his creative energies in a manner that benefits the entire tattoo industry, Pick’s number one love remains illustration and especially comic books. I for one really like the way that Pick goes with what he loves best and what he feels matters. Check Out our pick of the Top 10 Guitar Tattoo Designs that you will most definitely fall in love with! Another excerpt from "Tattooing Reality" can be found here.Beyond the videos, Occult Vibrations posts artist profiles and other tattoo goodness.
Beyond his posts of sexy illustrations and trippy tattoo work, his writing on politics and culture are eye-opening reads. My tattooing and illustration are tightly bound together but on more of a technical level, to transfer personal ideas is not as easy in tattooing as in illustration.
SEGA Australia held the contest about a year ago to promote the new Yakuza 4 game, which drops today along with the tattoo unveiling.The backpiece was tattooed by Josh Roelink, of Tatudharma Studios in Sydney, over six months in four-hour sessions with three-week intervals. After years of sitting in the tattoo chair, Genko transitioned from client to artist under Sabado's direction.

When not at his studio, Genko is on the road at a number of international tattoo conventions. Here's the story behind the Charlie Sheen tattoo, posted exactly as it was sent to us via email:Tattoo recipient and fellow tattooer Andrew Ottenhof says he felt it was important to express how fortunate he feels to be #winning the genetic lottery having been born with #Tigerblood and such unique DNA.
One group, Tattooers for Japan, is encouraging artists worldwide to raise funds by donating a day's tattoo fees to a specific charity.
Since tarot cards themselves hold no power, it is up to the reader to tailor the meanings based on the client's questions.
Those designs were monochromatic, tattooed in black against brown skin, with strongly geometric patterns, and many shapes and symbols inspired by the natural island world: stones, waves, fish, sharks, turtles, rain, sun, birds.
Capturing the vibe of the studio, Bryce Ward created this video above for our viewing pleasure.
Since the beginning of February, he's been sharing his adventures from sailing on a container vessel to Cape Town and now trekking throughout Africa.We first wrote about Pick in our feature on Conspiracy Inc. I mean it's on someone else and even though I'm pretty lucky to have most of my customers just come to me with very general ideas, at the end of the day, it's still on them forever and I try to limit the amount of spontaneous personal ideas I put on them.
I tattoo 'tattoo geeks,' people who will look around for years to find what they truly like, who will go on countless websites and become highly critical, and even though they have never tattooed, will know exactly what they're talking about. And ya know, I don't think it's such a bad idea.Tattoo artist Levi Smith of The Jade Monkey Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona has been tattooing quick response code [QR code] -- which is similar to a barcode -- on eager clients.
See images of the tattoo process here.Josh did not design the artwork for the game -- Horitomo of State of Grace did -- but Josh got his approval to re-create it.
Emails from George Koutroubis and Sean Phillips dinged in almost immediately after posting so George will get the tee and Sean will get a signed Jack Rudy-designed poster. Genko's work will be featured in my next book for Edition Reuss Publishing that focuses on comic, cartoon and more "new school" tattoo styles. In 2006, he went on his own and opened up Genko Tattoo while keeping close ties with the studio that gave him his start. Designed by Horitaka and Chad Koeplinger, the shirts can be ordered online or directly purchased at State of Grace, Strong Tattoo, and Yu-Ai Kai Senior Service (all located in San Jose, CA). We where also assured that both Alie and Andrew have taken #Tigerblood borne pathogens and infectious disease control classes in recent months.
In previous centuries, women were mostly illiterate.Tarot sessions were the earliest forms of "talk therapy," and a way to vent their innermost hopes, dreams, and heartbreak. But ultimately my work (whether illustration, painting or tattooing) is me; it's a part of me, and as I change from my travels, it changes too.
I could not be luckier and appreciate the dedication of a huge majority of my customers so much. The codes can then be scanned by smartphones (there's an app for that) and lead to your website, Facebook page or eHarmony dating profile. Lakra went back to Mexico City and got hooked up with the Kurimanzutto gallery, which encouraged him to do large scale work beyond his tattoo-styled drawings on vintage magazines and found objects.

There's a great interview with Horitomo from a few years back in which he discusses the design work for SEGA but also his tattoo art and thoughts on Japanese tattoo culture.
US orders are $25, and for those beyond, the shirts are $35.* Many tattoo artists are also auctioning off artwork. All percautions where taken during the process of this tattoo to not infect anyone else with andrew's #Tigerblood.
Sacred Gallery is located at 424 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York City.**The very first exhibit of this kind that I visited (around 2007) was Astrid Kopfler's gorgeous Tattoo Tarot project, which featured the work of tattooists around the world, offering their interpretation of a card randomly selected for them.
The more I see weird new things, the more I change my vision of the world and the more I change myself, so it's only natural that my work changes too.
I think the type of people my work attracts is much more for artistic reasons too rather than technical ones.
The possibilities are vast.For more details on these scannable tattoos, check the CBS 5 News video interview with Levi or the videos posted on his blog. The exhibit is currently on view at The Drawing Center at 3 Wooster Street in Manhattan and runs until April 23rd.The Mexico City tattooist, born Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, got the name Dr.
This show at The Drawing Center features large scale wall drawings as well as paintings he created during the 10-day installation of the show. Genko's portfolio includes everything from blackwork to Americana to traditional Japanese tattoo themes. Their paintings & drawings were exhibited at numerous international tattoo conventions and galleries, and culminated into one amazing deck, perfectly packaged. Lakra because he used to carry around his homemade tattoo machine in a doctor's bag, as the NY Times notes, and "lacra" is slang for a mark on skin and "scum of the earth." In 1993, he moved to Oakland, CA and soon met Ed Hardy who helped him evolve from scratcher to, well, an artist who's having his solo show profiled in the NY Times. The name "Sullen" has long been identifiable with tattooing and not for its artists' sunny dispositions. But it is his particular renderings of these classic tattoo styles--amplified and mutated into monster-sized figures, often with an ironic wink--that has made him a part of the new generation of Japan's tattoo master class. The lifestyle brand, Sullen Clothing, has been partnering with top tattooists (as well as graffiti artists and painters) to bring their art to apparel, prints, and other media. The Sullen Art Collective line includes original designs from Bob Tyrrell, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Steve Soto, Jason Butcher, and many other well respected names.
The shirt will be officially released the first week of April but we have one here ready to giveaway to one lucky reader. Haven't gotten my hands on it yet but I've been hearing great things about the art and packaging.

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