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Donning not one but two sets of titanium horn implants, permanent fangs, and having pretty much every single square centimeter of her body covered in tattoos, Mexico’s “Vampire Woman” became an instant weblebrity and gave the term “going viral” a whole new meaning. Catching up with her during a recent appearance at the Expo Tattoo Tijuana where she took pictures with fans at 50 pesos a pop, the attorney and mother of four opened up about her battered woman past, eloquently answered questions in the third person, and sent out a message to a certain popstar who clearly wasn’t born that way. Mariajose has been working in tattooing and body modification for twenty-one years, this didn’t happen overnight; but I’m elated because Mariajose is Mariajose. That if your intention is to be a role model to your kids, it should be by setting a good example and not being the continuation of a bad one. I picked up and she said: ‘Thanks to you Mariajose, my mom will never allow herself to be beaten.’ How do you think that made me feel?

Life is precious and it should be lived to its fullest because you only get one shot at it. Conviction doesn’t sprout because of money or for appearances sake.  Conviction should come from the heart, because people can tell know when it doesn’t. I know tons of different people and I’ve never met anyone that’s come back from the dead, have you? I was in the middle of my abhorescentyears and that was my inner devil manifesting itself—not as something bad per se—but as a metaphor for change. I love tattoos because I am an artist, but I love life and respect to others even more, being the good lawyer I am.

I could care less about fame, all I want is the platform it has given me to empower women by professing their worth. It makes me proud to see women stop perceiving themselves as objects and come into their own.

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