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Though some professional tattoo artist will tell you that it will not fade easily, it depends on the skin condition. If you have skin that easily sweating, you will find that your finger tattoos fade away faster than other people do. The word “Love” is inked in simple cursive writing on the side of Rihanna’s middle finger, so it is just barely visible when she is making a fist. Skin on the finger is thinner than other areas, you use your hand to wash, scrub, and do various other activities.

It’s obvious that Rihanna loves tattoos but she recommends that no one get a tattoo on their finger.
The pop princess also got the word “Shhh…” tattooed on the index finger of her right hand the same year. Fans hope that by checking out her new tattoos, they can learn a little more about RiRi, the superstar. Although the meaning of Rihanna’s love tattoo is somewhat of a mystery, the singer clearly isn’t afraid to show us some love!

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