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Among the Buddhists, the lotus symbolizes the throne of Buddha with the eight petals representing the eightfold path of Buddhism, dharma.
Among the Indians it symbolizes divinity, a broad out-look, a scientific spectrum, humanitarian values and a dynamic influence to all.
Away from the mythology attached to the lotus flower, most people get lotus flower tattoos because it symbolizes life and the beginning of a new growth, hopefully into something good if not better.
If you have been through a rough patch in your life and youa€™ve successfully recovered, then the lotus flower tattoo would be your best choice of a tattoo. Like all flower tattoos, Lotus flower tattoos are engraved in different colors depending on their meaning. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Here is a small sample of the flowers tattoo designs and flowers tattoo motives that you will find on TattooPilot. Lotus flower tattoos, hibiscus flower tattoos and rose flower tattoo designs are by far the most popular styles.
There are different reasons to why a flower is a very good design choice for a small tattoo. Japanese flower tattoo: Japanese flower tattoo designs have a very cultural japanese background. Lotus flower tattoo: Tattoo designs with white lotus flowers have a certain religious meaning for buddhists and hindus.

The most popular flowers for tattoos are: rose tattoo designs, lotus flower tattoo designs, lilly tattoo designs, hibiscus tattoo designs and hawaii flower tattoos. As a registered member your will have exclusive access to all of our flowers tattoodesigns and flowers tattoomotives. Wether you want your flowers tattoo as an arm tattoo, a leg tattoo, a chest tattoo, a shoulder tattoo or even as an ankle tattoo. Further you will get tattoo tools and infos, tattoo fonts, tattoo names, tattoo resouces and a lot more, soon to come.
No matter the size or color, they are stunning and it’s very easy to create a unique tattoo. Though the symbolism may vary slightly between the two religions, their belief in its importance remains steadfast. People from poor backgrounds embrace lotus flower tattoos much easily as they symbolize the undying determination to make something out of their frustrations, just like the budding lotus flower rises from murk to beauty. Wear it as a sign of success and beauty, not in memory of the difficulties youa€™ve been through but in celebration.
Ita€™s good to know the meaning behind the color you choose to have your lotus tattoo engraved in. The flower tattoo design can be enhanced with thorns, leaves or can be designed as a colored arm band tattoo. A hibiscus flower tattoo design symbolizes a tropical and exotic style as well as the joy of living.

The story of a butterfly is very symbolic to some women and that symbolism can be captured as body art.
It symbolizes a reawakening and clarity of onea€™s spirit and mind; it brings out onea€™s deepest persona and spirituality. Those who are hoping to grow into better people with more beautiful personalities also prefer to wear the lotus flower tattoo.
Their strong symbolism is shared by many communities and individuals in different parts of the world. The other exteme are very large japanese flower tattoos, that can spread over the full back. A fairy tattoo, rose tattoo, sun, cross or skull tattoo is also often combined with a flower design.
No matter if it is a foot flower tattoo, an arm flower tattoo or a tribal tattoo design of a flower on the back (e.g.

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