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In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. Targets: Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, McKayla Maroney and MANY MANY MORE!!!
Apple claims that after two days of looking into it, they found that the hackers did NOT hack the iCloud–they were able to break into the the celebrity accounts by using usernames & passwords!!! Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton have admitted those are their pics (obviously) and are threatening legal action against anyone who posts the pics. This month we are honoring Lewis Carroll, the man who made us delight in nonsense and embrace madness.  Carroll's wildly imaginative tales of young Alice and her forays into Wonderland have inspired movies, television series, video games, music, teen books, picture books, graphic novels etc. Prior to the publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was a shy math teacher who enjoyed making up stories to entertain children. Lewis Carroll was born January 27th (also my son's birthday), 1832 and to celebrate the anniversary of his birth the library is hosting an Alice in Wonderland party this Saturday (the 25th) at 10am. There will be "wonderful" activities for kids of all ages on Saturday from making unbirthday cards to finger-painting the roses red.
On Monday, January 27th the American Library Association announced the 2014 winners of the youth media awards.
Personally, I think that the characters in Flora & Ulysses come across as overly contrived. Of course, this is simply my opinion of the book so feel free to disagree (and I know that those die hard Kate DiCamillo are probably spitting nails by now). Decades after the first book was published in 1963, Clifford is still the most popular canine in children's literature.
A few weeks ago I mentioned the American Library Association (ALA) Youth Media Awards, and I specifically wrote about the Newbery Medal.
Leon uses sparse and unadorned language to tell a story that is tragic and horrific, but also abounding with courage, hope, and love.
I must confess that I do not usually choose to read nonfiction books.  Even the word nonfiction makes me think of school and dreary hours spent studying dry, stodgy textbooks. 3.  The Great American Dust Bowl written and illustrated by Don BrownThis is a historically accurate account of the "Dirty Thirties" written in a format that is sure to engage those reluctant readers. Ariana Grande & Victoria Justice claim that is not THEM, and McKayla Maroney says she is UNDERAGE in those pics. When the daughter of a friend (the real life Alice) begged Dodgson to write down the story he had made up for her, he complied.
I have been busily making Wonderland-themed displays and decorations so I hope that it feels like you have fallen down the rabbit hole when you enter the children's area. After games and crafts, kids will attend the mad hatter's tea party and watch Disney's animated Alice in Wonderland. The most illustrious of these is the Newbery Medal which is awarded to the author of the best children's book.Last year I was overjoyed when The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate was awarded the Newbery medal.
Now, I am all for challenging kids and I, by no means, think that we should ever "dumb things down" for kids. Poor William Spiver has displayed psychosomatic blindness since his mother replaced him and his deceased father with a new boyfriend. I just do not think that Flora & Ulysses is the right book for the right audience (if that makes any sense).
Well, February is Responsible Pet Owner Month (I love looking at those calendars that tell about all the obscure holidays and observances). Many of you may not be aware that the Michigan Library Association has its own Children's and Teen book awards.
That being said, I have read several nonfiction books this year that are entertaining, interesting, and educational too (just don't let your kids hear that "E" word).1.
I know that not everyone is a fan of graphic novels, but The Great American Dust Bowl contains gripping facts and quotes from survivors of the dust bowl.

Like all of his books, The Animal Book contains spectacular artwork and fascinating facts about animals.
By chance the story fell into the hands of another author who begged Dodgson to have it published. Based on the juvenile premise and appearance of this book  it seems to be geared toward a younger elementary (1st-3rd grade) audience. It is  important for kids to expand their vocabularies and be able to infer meaning from text. For example, I adored Counting by 7's and that was thought-provoking, emotional, with intriguing characters, and used lots of big words (the main character is a 12 year old genius).
To celebrate, as well as educate, about pet ownership, we are having a Big Red Dog Party on Saturday, February 15th at 10am.You might be asking yourself:  Why is it called the Big Red Dog Party?
Mackenzie's is located in Lake Odessa, Michigan and it is the largest no kill shelter in the Midwest. Prior to this year, the MLA had one award for the best teen book (the Thumb's Up) and one award for the best children's book (the Mitten). In The Great Trouble Hopkinson accurately depicts the crowded streets and filthy conditions in London during the 1854 Cholera outbreak.
Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America's First Black Paratroopers by Tanya Lee Stone   Book TrailerIn my opinion, history is the easiest form of nonfiction to read. Also, Don Brown's illustrations will help kids visualize the massive scope of the dust storms and the havoc that they reaped during the thirties.  If you enjoy The Great American Dust Bowl, Don Brown has several nonfiction picture books and graphic novels that are a great way to kids kids interested in history.
Could anyone have imagined that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland would still be universally popular more than a century later? This was a book that  immediately received attention from critics, librarians, book stores, etc.
In my opinion, though, DiCamillo goes a little overboard in Flora & Ulysses (did she have a thesaurus sitting on her lap while typing). Meescham, who imparts her deep and enigmatic wisdom throughout the book. “A squirrel flies in," said Dr. Meecham (a warning to never go into a stranger's apartment) or indifferent and unsympathetic, like Flora's parents. There was always a dog in the house I grew up in and my parents call the two dogs they have now my little brothers. It just so happens that February 15th is also the 86th birthday of Norman Bridwell who is the creator of everyone's favorite house-sized pet, Clifford! The wonderful people from Mackenzie's will be giving a special presentation on dogs, and I am pretty sure that they will be bringing along a  four-legged friend to help demonstrate.Mackenzie's will talk about pet adoption and responsible pet care. This year the mitten has been divided into two awards: The Mitten and the YouPer, which stands for young person, but also is a pun on UP (Hooray for puns!). Eel is a 12 year old orphan desperately trying to survive on the streets of London by working odd jobs and scavenging in the Thames for scraps to sell (mudlarking).  When his friends and neighbors begin to get sick, Eel runs to Dr. Books about history are more likely to contain narrative and this makes them easier to relate to and immerse yourself in. Or that Alice and all of the interesting characters she meets in Wonderland would have such a pervasive impact on modern culture? Not many 5th or 6th graders are not even going to give Flora & Ulysses a second glance because it looks and sounds too young for them.
Also, they will educate kids  on how to behave around dogs that they may meet in the park or at a friend's or relative's home. The history of the little-known Triple Nickles is recounted in personal stories that are compelling, appalling, and inspiring. In The Animal Book Jenkins draws from his previous books, but really beefs up the text and information for older readers. Kate DiCamillo also won the Newbery Medal in 2004 forThe Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Threadand a Newbery Honor for Because of Winn Dixie in 2001.

No doubt, many kids will pick it up and love the pictures and comic book pages, but will they actually read the text?
Oh, you can have smart kids and quirky characters, but you still need to be able to identify with them and imagine that they exist.
The younger elementary kids that will be attracted to Flora & Ulysses, though, are going to be completely lost with both the difficult text and the sometimes dark and disconcerting themes. In my opinion, Flora & Ulysses just does not live up to the hype and reputation of the author.So why am I being so contentious about a book that everyone else (in the literary world at least) seems to adore? Whether you are a dog owner, dog lover, or just hoping to help your children learn how to behave around dogs safely be sure to make it to the Big Red Dog Party this Saturday at 10am. Twerp by Mark GoldblattThere are so many books out there that deal with bullying, but this one really stands out (at least to me). John Snow, who is known as the father of modern epidemiology was pivotal in proving that Cholera was spread through contaminated water rather than bad air or "miasma". Flora & Ulysses has received rave reviews and a number of awards and Kate DiCamillo is a much lauded children's author.
When I was a girl in Blundermeecen, we left the window open for this very reason, even in the winter. Both of these children's books feature intelligent female heroines and an interesting supporting cast of characters, but there is an authenticity thatis missing in Flora & Ulysses. It is not the typical root for the underdog geek who is being tormented by the popular football player bullying story. The history is interesting, well-told, and Eel is a character that the reader wants to have a happy ending.So there they are. The Boy on the Wooden Box by Leon LeysonI know that I already wrote in  length about this book in my previous post. Each chapter includes Jenkins' amazing illustrations and also graphs and charts that contain tons of interesting information in an easy to understand format.Jenkins also includes a wonderful section about the process he goes through writing and publishing his books that is sure to intrigue would be authors and artists. Keep in mind, though, that children in elementary school are taught to use the five finger test when choosing a book to read. We did it because we believed something wonderful might make its way to us through the open window. Let me just reiterate, though, that this book is Breathtaking and I think that everyone (adults and children) should read it!
You can watch a video in which Steve Jenkins talks about his book making process here. If you have a child that loves nature and animal science The Animal Book would be an excellent gift.
By this test, many young readers may put the book back on the shelf before even starting it. More than anything Twerp is a book about gaining the strength, integrity, and maturity to not only  learn from your mistakes, but make amends for them.2.
Looking at the list, I am instantly thinking of all the other books that I enjoyed reading. Although, any book can be recommended for the YouPer, ones that received starred reviews in major literary publications like Kirkus or School Library Journal are automatically put on the list for the committee to read. Forced into the Krakow ghetto and eventually the Plaszow work camp, young Leon was subjected to terror, torture, and soul-wrenching despair. There are so many other books that the major reviewers didn't give stars to and, unfortunately, the committee cannot read every book published in a year.

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