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Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Developing a successful app may be a group effort as there are different types of roles involved including designing, coding, marketing, finance and project management.
The more successful Apps have a good idea, very easy to use, the graphics look good and are well marketed.
Smart Insights also have these tips from publisher Kim Watson on ideas for app development.
Using a Specialist Mobile App Company; You can now find boutique development companies that focus only on developing and launching mobile apps. There are two possible options to look at here, if you have your own technical developers that can program in Objective C, you could write an iPhone App yourself.A  If you go down this route you need to download and install the iPhone SDK after joining the Apple developer program which is also the channel where your apps can eventually be submitted and distributed to the App store. If you are planning on selling your App, once you have signed up for the program, you will need to provide personal and banking information before you can submit paid applications to the App Store. The iPad is one of the fastest growing computer devices with over a million sold in less than a month after shipping and over 3 million by the end of the third month. There are two categories you can choose when submitting, the Primary Category menu determines where your application appears in iTunes. Apple will send you a very simple email saying your app is approved.A  Once your app goes live you can start tracking sales, managing users, and sending out promo codes. Some of the best Apps have engaged a community to attract users and build up loyalty.A  Incorporating social media has become a popular function within apps especially with gaming if users make the high score they can to post it to Facebook or Twitter.
As you would physically walk into a store and try out your next gadget before your purchase, the same model for your App is helpful from a customers point of view.A  Many individuals and companies have discovered success by providing a free version of their application. The user needs and incentive to upgrade, you can offer more features, more content, additional game levels, and other items that enhances their user experience. This could be a very exciting venture if you are setting out to do this for the first time.A  It is useful break up the whole process into small steps and keep the momentum going.A  If you believe in your iPhone App idea passionately, there are many ways you can go about bringing it to life so explore all the options and talk to the developers, you may be surprised at the potential collaboration opportunities and the speed and costs it could happen at!
Can you suggest a good development company as I have for an idea for an app that i want to lunch it. For sure, the Instagram app is great, and it resizes your photo and allows you to add filters, but it is limited in its capability.
Tactus Ltd, registered in England and Wales, registered address of Tactopia, Building 1, Olympic Way, Olympic Park, Warrington, WA2 0YL.
I’ve had my iPhone for a week now, and have spent plenty of time browsing for apps to play with. Handy app that allows easy updating of your WordPress blog, with features allowing local drafts and the ability to insert images directly from iPhone. You never know when this app might come in handy, definitely worth keeping stored for reference.
I’m not too much of an iPhone gamer, but when I stumbled across this Cannon Fodder style app I couldn’t resist! TweetDeck is my favourite desktop Twitter client, so it makes sense to sync my columns directly to iPhone. A cool GPS related app that tracks your progress during a run, cycle or other form of transportation.
You have a cool collection of Apps but i would like to add few cools apps like iWound the fashion and art mag, Bike hugger, Metter read Vopium (VoIP) and Face book.
I spend a lot of time to find an app to control the little projects that I do like a freelance. My YouTube gaming channel where I post guides & strategies for your favourite FPS games.
The long anticipated next Apple iPhone, maybe named as iPhone 5, has been confirmed to be released this fall, mostly at the September 12th event as reported recently. Sparrow: If you need a gesture based email client to replace your Mail app, Sparrow would be your right choice. Draw Something: Draw Something is a funny app to help you kill time with your friends or family.
Video Editor: This app is useful for you to edit images and videos on your computer and then transfer the edited videos to your iPhone or iPod Touch freely. Frameographer: Also as a video editing tool, Frameographer helps you create stop motion and time-lapse videos in a simple and straight-forward way.
Over a year ago, I wrote two stories about The Best Free iPhoneography Apps: Camera Replacements and Image Editors. Currently, many free versions of the apps are try-before-you-buy versions of their commercial siblings. For no investment other than bandwidth and download time, you can improve your iPhone’s camera and get some impressive looking photographs.
Gorillacam is the free camera replacement app from Joby, creators of the excellent Gorillapod flexible tripods for iPhone. GorillaCam has a good rule-of-thirds grid overlay, Big Button full-screen shutter, full resolution digital zoom, and a good anti-shake stabilzation — all features I consider essential in a camera replacement.
Camera Plus takes advantage of all the latest iPhone and iPod Touch 4th Gen hardware, including tap to focus, front camera, and hardware flash. It supports your device’s full resolution and saves some EXIF data, but not geo-tag information. The app has a poor digital zoom which is really just in-app cropping, which means that your zoomed images will be pretty small and mostly unusable at higher magnifications, but using the zoom at 2x or less should get you images that will work for MMS, Facebook or Twitter. Camera Plus has features that Gorillacam lacks, especially support for newer iDevices, making it one of the best free camera replacement apps available.
After Snapseed’s developer was acquired by Google, I’m happy to see any updates released for this app, even if they are just bug fixes and iOS maintenance updates.
This square format app creates excellent retro camera effects with accurate color processing. The app supports hardware flash, but only saves images at 1200?1200 pixels — usable, but not high resolution, and it only saves a processed version of your photo. With the names Adobe and Photoshop in the title, you would expect Adobe Photoshop Express to be an image editing juggernaut… the mack-daddy of image editing apps for iPhone. Adobe Photoshop Express is not the only image editor you’ll need, but for a free app, you’ll use it a lot and it’s a very good addition to your toolbox.
GreenSpot Fix [ ] removes the blue-green tint in the center of a photo when the picture is taken under fluorescent lights on an iPhone 4.
UPDATE March 2015: Since first publishing this post years ago, several of the apps have simply disappeared from the App Store.
Just wanted to let you know that Color Leap is only compatible with iPhone, not iPod touch. Whenever I get a free app with iAds that really ads value to my toolbox, I always click on the ad a few times to help support the dev. One of my favorite things to do with the iPhone is play around with all the cool photo editing apps (a bunch of these apps are also available for droid as well). Before I begin my list, I first need to state that my #1 favorite photo app far and beyond is Instagram.

Kami Bigler runs the blog: NoBiggie, a montage of her favorite things, including crafting, cooking, and celebrating holidays.
I’ve used the snapseed app… starbucks had it as one of their free apps of the week things and it is truly amazing! Very useful info.Apart from this can I get an app which allows me to make a movie with all my edited images? Aviary is an awesome free app that has filters, text, stickers (including thought bubbles.), blemish fix, and teeth whitening. Instafusion Top iPad Photo-Editing Apps for Iphone and Ipad(Universal)!!!Buy once and use an all devices!!
Of course, most accidental drops come from actually using the device, so a sleeve might not be the best option for the ultimate protection, but for those who usually go caseless and want some added protection, a sleeve can be a good option. There many categories now available on the App store from games, business, education, productivity and much more.A  Here are some questions you can ask to start brainstorming this with your team.
Some companies that specifically work on the Apple iOS platforms can offer you a flat project rate which covers the full development of your App. This includes getting access to the SDK, developer tools, getting started videos, documentation, sample code, and more. If there is a team working on your projects, a company account is definitely the better option.A  The Enterprise program has the same features as the previous two accounts but is designed to allow large companies to create and distribute in-house applications within an organisation without going through the App Store. Your app will appear as a new release and in some cases, the category is also displayed below the app icon and name. Tell the user exactly what they need to know before they hit the buy button.A  Put your main features at the top and keep each item on the list simple and concise. Think about how your App can incorporate social media and build that functionality into your app at a minimum you could set up a fan page for your app on Facebook and Twitter account to use them as platforms to communicate with your audience as well as getting valuable feedback.
A potential customer can then try your App with no obligation and upgrade to the paid version if they find the App relevant and useful to them. These reports are not your actual sales but are an indication of the number of downloads by country.A  If you plan to sell your app, you need to provide Apple with tax and banking details.A  If your App becomes popular and you get excellent reviews, make sure you put it at the top of your description which will help further downloads of your App! It’s a nice way to become more popular before monetizing, or even while you are monetizing.
There are a number of App developer companies and individual contractors that you could work with to get your idea developed.
To publish a truly fantastic photo on Instagram, you’re going to want to download a few new photo editing apps. Snapseed is more editing focused than filter focused, and it lets you easily adjust photos to make them perfect. It lets you manually draw light effects onto your photos, and there are several gradients and types to choose from. Was never a geocacher before but this app turns everywhere you go into one big fun treasure hunt. List items are displayed in a heatmap by priority and you create new items by pinching items apart, dragging from the top of the list or tapping at the bottom. You challenge your friends to guess the word you are drawing and you get game currency for each guess, depending on the word difficulty.
It provides different effects, transitions and titles, as well as other editing features for you. Since staging such videos can be time-consuming, the app lets you stop a project and resume it at a later time. It’s a separate, less expensive to subscribe version of The Daily, which is free of charge if you already subscribe to the iPad version.
While not complete, here’s my list of the ten best FREE iPhone photo apps currently available in the App Store. It has several unique features that make it worth a look if you don’t have a camera replacement app. One of its cooler features is a press-and-hold shutter button, which takes rapid, continuous full resolution photos at up to an impressive 1.6 frames per second. This version is a loss-leader with the hopes that you’ll buy their Camera Plus Pro with its many additional features.
The app’s built-in toolbox is minimal but features built-in exposure enhancement (simulated flash), black & white conversion and built-in crop.
Images do not save in the background so saving your photos is somewhat slow — a few seconds with Auto-Save setting turned on.
It made quite a splash in the Droidography community when introduced and has now been released for iPhone as well.
Its effects are among the richest, best textured effects of any free app available in the App Store. While it still works on an iPhone 4 in the latest iOS, it hasn’t been updated in quite some time. With minimal fuss, Simply B&W quickly creates rich, great looking black and white photos.
If you shoot photos on your 4 under fluorescent lights, you can easily see the discoloration. Can save in full res too – Go into your iPhone settings app, find this app at the very bottom of the list, tap the first option and then the last option. I think here mentioned other photo apps are also better in compare them so thanks for sharing this nice photo apps. Featuring iPhone photo news, showcases, app reviews, and the occasional musings of iPhoneographer Marty Yawnick. CameraTimer – I just got this one, but I love the of trying to be in more of the pics WITH my kids.
It’s become my default camera app, but it also has fun filters and pretty great editing options. Do you want to make your shots awesome, no matter if they are old vintage black and white or new high resolution colorful images, by applying a plethora of special effects?.
Try PhotoSplash Fx that has following unique features that you can’t find in any other app altogether. I downloaded Phonto because I needed to make a book cover, and I have Snapseed to initially edit the photo. I spend 3 days straight looking for 3 things I wanted in a photo editor and never did get thru the apps but downloaded and deleted MANY. I would like to inquire whether they are really providing such huge amount of discount or this is a myth???
Once you have joined, you"a‚¬a„?ll have access to the tools necessary for developing, debugging, and most importantly distributing your applications for Apple mobile devices.
The Secondary Category is optional and only comes into play with the iTunes Power Search feature.
You will need to make it clear to the potential customer that one version is a subset of the other.A  It is part of the requirement form Apple that free demo versions are fully functional. As you would expect from such a photogenic man made from wood, I’ve got a few neat apps up my sleeve.

There are more than 100 filters and styles to use and you can draw, add text, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos. It has 15 adjustment tools and 56 filters, which is more than Instagram, but less than Aviary. In this post, I would like to share some funny and wonderful apps for iPhone and iPod Touch which are emerged this year so far.
This app enables you to pull down the inbox list to refresh your inbox and also you can swipe across a message to reply, archive and delete emails. Starting with simple sketches, you can get more colors and drawing tools for your Draw Something masterpiece as you own more coins.
The built-in editor allows you to select in an out points where the video will be slowed down.
The layout is like a mix of Facebook and Sparrow, and unlike the tablet version, you also get a selection of free ad-supported stories every day.
You simply take a photo, swipe your finger on the part of the picture you want to keep and then take another picture with the chosen frozen parts overlaid.
If you have some other better advices, feel free to share with us here in the comment part. Images save in the background and a popup tells you not to quit when the app is still saving images.
The exposure enhancement produces good results — not up to par with the better dedicated, paid apps, but one of the best”flash” among the free apps and certainly better than many of the paid apps in the store.
Once you get used to its tools, you can quickly and easily make powerful image corrections and add striking effects to your image. Most of the “cameras” can shoot in color of black & white and are easily switchable from the camera “case”. PS Express is fast, stable very usable and like many apps in this list, better than many commercial apps that do the same job. Sign up for our email newsletter to get a heads up on this update as well as all the other great iPhoneography news and app reviews on Life In LoFi. There are so many photo editing apps out there, so sometimes it helps to hear what people personally like before you buy it or download it. They sure did something right to make it not only a place to edit pictures but to make it social at the same time.
I have seen apps which can cost anywhere from A‚A?5k (GBP) to A‚A?35k depending on the functionality and complexity of the app. Where this app really comes into its own is textures versus Aviary – this app has 66 of them, from lighting, to instant film, to vintage. I recommend using this app to edit photos, and then the Instagram app to add the final filter. It supports all iOS devices with a camera on iOS 6.1 or higher, enhancing your devices camera with auto capture, shutter speed adjustment, and a self timer. You can share to Instagram from within this app, too, so it’s an all-in-one app for people who want extra functionality, and wish to save time! Clear is very intuitive with no buttons or switches to act as a simple task manager without advanced features like setting time or location-based alerts. It’s free to get this app, but the recorded and edited videos would be covered with watermark. Two versions of the iPhone 4 have been released and these devices have much greater resolution and a much better camera than those of a year ago. The app also features 3-shot burst mode, countdown timer, time-lapse photography with up to 2 minute intervals, and other features.
You need to manually keep your iPhone awake or change your sleep setting when doing time-lapse photography. You can access your iPhone’s camera roll to crop existing images and convert them to black & white. Snapseed has one of the more precise cropping tools available for iPhone which doesn’t “jump” nearly as much as some other apps when you move your finger across the small iPhone screen. Very similar to Instagram, only without the social aspect of following people (though you can share photos to FB, Twitter, etc.) I love it!
As I continue to learn these apps and photoshop, it’s a great way to get the photos I want fast.
You typically get paid according to how many ads you show, so repeated use increases your earnings. These free applications must also be useful in their own right and the customer should not feel forced to upgrade. It’s completely free and it works on credits, when someone promotes their app on your app, you get credits that you can use to advertise your own app. You asked a good question around the Marketing strategy as not all App developers will help you market the App as this is left down to the clients marketing activity. With the help of these practical apps, you could get a more productive iPhone or iPod Touch. You can spend $1.99 to update it to remove the watermark and export results to the camera roll or iTunes. Background saves are slow and you can’t quit out of the app without losing images until they are all saved to your camera roll. The app quickly and automatically balances out the color, reducing or removing the blue-green and red tints. Have you tried Snapseed or the Aviary Photo Editor (the original one, not the one that’s bundled with nearly every photo app)? Being an experienced photographer, are you tired of image editors having several critical limitations? Feel free to contact me if you require further guidance on choosing the right developer to move your idea forward. Some of these apps could be installed directly on your iPhone, while still some other apps need to be installed on your computer as assistant. Several of the apps originally listed are no longer available or break in the latest versions of the iOS. Won’t it be cool if you had a choice of 130+ built-in effects on different parts of the same image with numerous attempts and still having the option of creating your own custom effects ? Would you like to have option to make favorite list of built-in effects to choose them easily for future? You can also share your masterpiece with your friends through Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, even export to iPhoto and photoshop or post it in form of card to anywhere in the world.

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