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There are numerous types of banner tattoos with cross with banner tattoos being among the most popular ones. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. An equally popular cross tattoo design is the Celtic Cross, which is also known as the High Cross. Though free of religious or traditional undertones, the Gothic cross tattoos have also earned much attention. All in all, the beauty and history underlying a cross tattoos makes it a fitting emblem for the story of man’s life itself. Celtic patterns have been very popular both among tattoo artists and their customers over a long time. It appears in the arts of pottery, carving, painting, and weaving of several ancient civilizations. The Celtic Cross is highly in demand among all celtic tattoo designs as people often love to show off their religious and spiritual side through a tattoo.

This simple tattoo design has gained in popularity over the years because they are not as conspicuous as the traditional, more elaborate tattoo designs.
Like any other type of banner tattoo, these tattoos are ideal for representing some beliefs or spreading some messages. Also called the Latin cross, the Christian cross is perhaps the most popular design for Christian tattoos. Moreover, it has been widely used in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales—thereby making it an emblem of the histories of these nations. Another reason for their popularity is that they do not hurt as much as the larger tattoo designs. After all, it symbolizes the highlight of the religion—that is, Jesus Christ’s loving act of martyrdom and resurrection. Celtic cross tattoos often come with Celtic knots as the outer border or as the outline of the cross itself. If you look for Celtic Cross tattoo design on the internet, you will find numerous sites that are offering attractive designs for these tattoos.

These small tattoos can be perfect for you if you are not really a “tattoo-person” but still want to try having one. Given below is a collection of some of the most interesting and attractive cross tattoo with banner designs for you to choose from.
Crosses coiled with barbed wires and cross-like daggers with a drop of blood at the tip are common design images. All the tattoo designs in the list are simple, yet attractive and are sure to draw the admiration of everyone around you.

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