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In our previous seminars, the highlight of the event is a live demonstration of stock and forex analysis (yes, this only take 15 minutes a day!) on the spot, and picking out trading opportunities.
Here, you can see which positions have hit their targets since the last seminar, and also which positions we are still currently holding. There are new trading opportunities every day, which is why we would like to invite you down to our last FREE seminar for the year, where you can witness live how I pick out these new trading opportunities within 15 minutes. I will also be looking at the big picture for 2016 to see where the best long-term investment opportunities are, and why stocks are at a crucial and dangerous point at this juncture. Drop by for our free 2-hour workshop, “Trading for a Living with 15 Minutes a Day [Live Demonstration + Results!]", and learn how you can build up massive wealth quickly to retire early by spending just 15 minutes a day.
For any enquiries, drop us an email at [email protected], or call our local hotline at (+65) 31525705.
Spencer Li is founder of Synapse Trading, providing financial education to over a million people worldwide through his articles, videos and seminars. Crystal clear details about penny stock alerts are actually much useful to both people those who all have been involving in stock and those who all just begin now. OTC Stock Picks newsletter alerts the market with picks that Wall Street stock traders have ignored or haven’t found out about yet. With your penny stock newsletter subscription we will give you a penny stock team in your investment corner with same potential opportunity to catch that monster play and ride it to make huge profits like never before.
Our team at is very experienced and has the ‘pulse’ of the OTC stock market because we are fully immersed in the penny stock market on a daily basis. We know what to look for in penny stocks and we want to bring our knowledge to you so you can start banking on some major profits. Let OTC Stock Picks be your newsletter and start bringing you the profits you only heard about but were never able to experience for yourself! As a result of our OTC Stock Picks newsletter email, you will be in a position to decide whether you would like to trade a highlighted penny stock pick. Our newsletters will always contain fundamental and technical information about the alerted penny stock company. Our team has on staff one of the most respected technical chartist in the penny stock business.  Our exceptionally experienced penny stock technical chart analyst will analyze important aspects of the stock.
We combine due diligence along with a proficiency of the technologies of the current penny stock market. OTC Stock Picks is a reliable and steady resource for finding great penny stocks in the market, because we use the latest technologies, websites and social media outlets to pull together and display penny stock information.

Our Free Level II tool will assist in your penny stock trading, and update you on the latest market action for your penny stock ticker symbol. OTC Stock Picks Blog Page is updated regularly with updates on our penny stock picks, additional penny stock investment ideas and other important stock market information. We also blog on our social media sites about penny stock information utilizing our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Pages. First we utilize our stock market expertise for finding the next great penny stock alert.  We have a large network of experienced traders that we work with daily.
Our team is digging through the stock market finding rare penny stock trading opportunities based on various technical and fundamental aspects from these stocks.
Once we find what we feel is a great play and ready for potential gains, we relay these trading ideas to you through our newsletter. At OTC Stock picks we will always work hard to find you the best penny stock picks possible, but there will always be risk involved when investing.
In addition to our free penny stock newsletter alerts, OTC Stock Picks offers free Level II for trading.
Free Level II will show traders a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices from each of these participants, giving you detailed insight into the price action of the penny stock.
If you look closely at the market maker order sizes for changes or irregularities such as a large bid order, you can also potentially tell when institutional players are accumulating a penny stock, a potentially positive sign for the penny stock.
By looking for trades that take place in between the bid and ask, you can potentially tell when a strong trading trend is about to come to an end, a signal to perhaps sell. These opportunities (with precise entry price, stoploss and target profits) are recorded real-time on a spreadsheet for full transparency.
These are the penny stocks that the ‘underground penny stock experts’ brag about in their penny stock blogs. This is your chance to potentially trade sharper then ever before in the OTC market just like the pros! We use the latest web technologies when searching the markets for that next great penny stock and then provide you with information and tools that can potentially give you that extra edge in your penny stock trading.
These emails are first-class in content and are aesthetically pleasing.  Most importantly the email newsletter alert will also contain the due diligence and technical charts to assist with your knowledge of the stock. We will include an annotated technical penny stock chart developed by our chartist  in practically all penny Stock alerts. We use these technologies daily when evaluating and alerting penny stock investors of the next hot penny stock via our penny stock newsletter service.

Our team members are very proficient in these technologies critical for penny stock information distribution and trading. We are constantly following the news flow on over one hundred different companies around the clock.
The OTC Stock Picks newsletter will provide you the results of our extensive research for what we feel can be your next great trade or investment. As a stock trading tool free Level II can tell you a lot about what is happening with a given penny stock. When orders are placed, they are placed through many different market makers and other market traders. For instance, large institutions do not use the same market makers trading a penny stocks as retail investors do. This is because these trades are often placed by large traders who take a small loss in order to make sure that they get out of the penny stock in time.
If you are thinking about day trading, learning Level II is vital to succeeding in the penny stock market. However, the way in which you follow in order to get high benefit alone plays a vital role as compared to just involve in up and down side of penny stock. We will also include a video stock chart in many of our highlighted penny stock emails to bring the technical aspects of the penny stock to life.
It is important that you always do extra due diligence on an alerted company in addition to what we send to you via our alert email. This is not enough information to make a fully educated investment decision, since we only provide basic information and the idea of the stock.
As a consequence of a team of over two decades of experiences, we have been providing successful solutions to everyone who gets in touch with us. Yes, many individuals rightly follow the tips and earning much amount of money that they do not truly anticipate. Simply get penny stock newsletter and get rid of all the problems those give you tricky situation to acquire projected profit. It is possible that an investor’s entire capital outlay may be lost due to the volatile characteristics of the companies promoted.

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