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A few months ago I began working with a very talented team of developers from eLearning Brothers.
The basic story is that Aliens known as the Lacertae have invaded earth and that there are now Aliens being held in various Prisoner of War Camps around the planet and in orbit. One of our goals with this training module was to provide a kind of template for others to follow in order to create soft-skills training modules. This is the first of several articles intended to provide a convenient record of that process and the source materials. Once I’d proposed the project to Adobe Management and been approved for a modest budget I set about searching for a company to do the execution. Were this project based on a specific genuine training topic we would no doubt have investigated thoroughly the need for the training and sought to understand better the potential of such a module.
The 25% number here is arbitrary, but in a practical situation it’s somewhat easier to look at actual data and make decisions about how much improvement to expect and what kind of indicators can be used to measure positive changes.
For the uninitiated, scenario based training modules generally are created using branches in the slides in order to create a sense that the learner has the ability to choose their own path through the module. This branched structure is one way to give an illusion of control to people exploring a narrative – or for that matter an educational simulation.

In parallel, this means that if every decision point in a branched scenario is split to unique content, most learners will never encounter most of the potential decision points in your training – and as a result, they will potentially learn only a fraction of the material you have designed and presented.
So one of the first challenges of designing a branched project is figuring out how it will branch, if and when materials at the decision points will loop back into the original – or be duplicates of other content elements and if you will include any potential elements for the learner to double back and repeat the scenario in order to learn from other potential choices.
Next time I’ll begin with our first pass at combining learning objectives with a vision of the potential narrative pathways. Allen, I was working with something similar to the slider created for the Field Guide Job aid. The culprit is the Apply Effect command does not wait until the effect has completed before the next line in the AA fires. For your amusement: I completely forgot I published this and had it on a usb-stick that I handed to a client to put some files on for me.
Having been one of the officers at a POW camp I can say I would have much rather gone through this training as opposed to what we did 4 years ago.
We identified the course objectives – based primarily on the desirable outcomes for the individuals to be trained.
The advantage is that it appears to the learner that each choice that they make has an apparent outcome – effectively giving realistic feedback whenever a decision is made. I have been brainstorming and sketching out ideas for my high school chemistry course that is taught in the context of an scenario-based adventure story, inspired by a 2004 game called Chemicus. The guide doesn’t slide out as far to the left (under the invisible close button) as it does in Quarantine.

Pooja Jaisingh: Hi Sama, text effects are currently not supported in the responsive projects.
Like most soft skills training efforts, we hoped to produce some deeper thought among our trainees – encouraging them to consider carefully the potential ramifications of their actions. I have already done just some test levels to get some experience in some of the challenges the project will involve.
I am still pretty new to using advanced actions, but I have had some early successes so I am encouraged. There is no simulation for actually having someone screaming in your face because their cell was searched. So if by chance you click the hide button before the graphic has fully animated, the close AA starts, and the graphic begins moving off to the right before it has fully moved to the left.
I too tried to download it and could not, but I will check back in this evening knowing that the link will be repaired soon.
Most training webinars coincide with my biology class that I teach and only rarely do we have a day where we are not meeting during the webinar.

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