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I hope you have been enjoying this series of baby shower posts!  If you can believe it, I have one more post coming, then we can move on to other things. If you've used one of my tutorials or just want to help support my free content, consider making a donation via paypal.
If you’ve been around the blogosphere awhile then freezer paper stenciling is probably old news. Typically used to wrap meats and what not for freezing, you can find it in the grocery store next to the wax paper and aluminum foil.
For Bug’s upcoming birthday bash, I wanted to make him a special shirt to match the construction theme. But if you don’t have one of those, print or draw your design on the matte side and cut with an Xacto or scissors.

For this particular design, I actually made two identical stencils : one to do just the yellow and then one for the black outline. But, in the event that someone reading this has no idea what I’m talking about… prepare to have your mind blown!
If you’re stenciling a shirt, place a brown paper grocery bag or cardboard inside to prevent the paint from bleeding to the back. Not only will the design pull cleaner when completely dry, but it’s also impossible to re-attach it if you missed a spot.
The Puffy Paints won’t be puffy if you brush them, but they will have a slight sheen when dry. However, if the product or service suits the interests of my readers I may feature it and denote such compensation.

I want the final creations to be wearable and graphically pleasing, but I tend to be controlling so the tips you have are helping me find the balance.
I tend to be controlling so I a trying to find the balance in this activity between creativity and wearability. I also am considering fusible fabric and creating a few templates which folks can cut out and apply (although not sure I want to have an ironing station).

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