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Gangsters and tattoos are so synonymous with each other that it is difficult to dissociate them and talk about the history of the body art without bringing in the sordid chapter of criminals and gangsters. The gangster tattoos are no longer so popular these days and even criminals do not flaunt them as openly as they did in the past but they are there in their pristine form. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Russian Prison Tattoos, Firefighter Tattoos, Spider Web Tattoos and Rib Tattoos. This man has got his body as well as face tattooed with different images that look quite fascinating. The blazing design carved on the arm of the gangster goes with his lethal personality that he flaunts with pride. Cool tattoo framing the arm of the gangster that has a skull surrounded in flames; a symbol of pain that comes from leading the life of an outlaw. The letters carved on the knuckles of the gangster indicate towards his resilient and brave spirit. Really, amazing old gangster with tattooed body and having a pot belly who does not arouse fear but brings smile on our lips.
The man shows off his tattoo carved on his stomach, chest and arms that are symbols of his gang membership. Gangster father has got his forearm tattooed with different images and makes a pose that smacks of protection for his daughter.
The woman controlling a yak, carved on the back of the gangster, symbolizes his desire to be regulated by love so that he can himself reformed in future. The grim reaper along with other design, created on the forearm of the gangster, represent the fearless and bold attitude of the man.

A fabulous body looks more charming when it has got different tattoos, sitting on the robust biceps and bulging chest; even if it belongs to a gangster. Now that no part is left to be tattooed, this tattoo loving gangster must be worried though he does not seem to be so. The trio of gangsters pose together showing off their tattoos, a mark of membership to a particular gang. Wearing a hat and holding a cigarette in his hand, the old gangster with his tattooed body makes for a cool portrait. This gangster with a knife in his hand and tattooed forearms paints an evil picture that can scare anyone. Skulls, flames and tribal design are the favorite symbols of gangsters as they represent the risky and frightening lifestyle the gang men lead. The tattooed gangster behind the Oscar statue theft has been caught and here he is surrendering to the cop.
Neck tattoo of gangster with RIP lettering is an indication that the man has a heart that cares and longs for his dear ones who are no more. This gangster having tattoos on his arms proudly shows off his exploits that relates to ecological treasure.
The name of the gangster along with the date on which he was set free from the prison is a tribute his new life. This Chinese gangster has got a script tattoo in his own language on the forearm that means something special to him. The geisha portrait and the cherry blossom flowers give away the nationality of the prisoner though his face is hidden.

The spiky haircut and the solo tattoo resting on the arm of this handsome gangster make him look more appealing. This is a creative gangster tattoo that symbolizes the murder of a woman this guy committed but feels repentant about it. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Some of the symbols that are very well-known among the outlaws are the spider, skull, flame, gun, script, lettering, etc.
The tattoo was in fact, a mark of identity, which showed their allegiance to a group or gang. If you are curious to know more on the subject, then have a look at this post that will show you images of 25 gangster tattoos. The negative connotation that we hear of today, is because of the fact that criminals wore them.
Though things have changed a lot but even today some parents object to their children getting tattoo because of their relation with gangsters.

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