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According to the artist behind this particular turquoise injection, getting a tattoo in your eye is completely safe. Isaac Newton stuck a large needle down the side of his eyeball, to test theories of optical distortion. Only if you like being a retard,want your junk to fall off,or just want a slow painfull death,go ahead.
When I 1st saw this on msnbc news show lock up raw,I thought & still do think the people who do this must be utterly freaking insane, I d just like to know…what the hell are you people thinking??? Dogs should always be in the back of your vehicle restrained in a crate, doggie car seat, or safety belt designed for a dog.
With the price of gasoline falling, more Americans are taking road trips and are bringing their dogs with them. Pets should be in the back of your vehicle and you should put up a dog barrier for your SUV. Make sure your car is well ventilated and cool, and never leave your dog unattended in a parked car. My cats are fed once in the morning when we have our breakfast, and once at night to coincide with our dinner time. Brushing their fur cuts down on hairballs, which means they won’t ingest a lot of their fur when they are cleaning themselves, and you will have less fur in your home and on your clothes.
Playtime is when we bond, and cats get a lot of mental stimulation and exercise from playing. According to my friends at Best Friends Animal Society, many declawed cats suffer from joint stiffness, and because their paws remain sensitive from the surgery, they avoid scratching in their litter boxes.
For more information on declawing and the health issues associated with it, check out The Paw Project. Levine has been observing sharks for 40-plus years—many times her encounters have been up close—and she has never been attacked. Last year five people in the United States died from shark bites, and between 70 and 100 people were attacked by sharks worldwide. So in addition to keeping calm, if you spot a shark in the distance and are close to your boat or to land, you can swim to safety. As a successful lawyer who enjoyed his work, Miller, of Gladwyne, Pa., retired at the age of 62 to pursue his passion of volunteering at local animal shelters.
While volunteering, however, he came across military personnel giving up their pets because they were being deployed. So, in 2011, Miller created PACT (People + Animals = Companions Together) for Animals a 501(c)(3) located just outside Philadelphia that finds foster homes for the pets of military personnel while they’re deployed. Beginning with just a few foster families and four foster dogs in 2011, the group had placed 150 companion animals as of December 2013, Miller said. With no other options, and with pet sitters too expensive for the seven or eight months she would be gone, Torri turned to PACT. She ultimately flew her dogs to eastern Pennsylvania to be fostered by Lorrie and Michael Manacchio, who had seen a segment on their local news about the group and decided to foster. The Manacchios have two dogs of their own, a golden retriever and a chow mix, and Torri was initially concerned about leaving her small dogs with larger ones. Miller also ascertained that although the Manacchios work full time, Lorrie’s father, who is retired, walks the dogs and spends time with them during the day. PACT’s new ventures include launching a foster program for individuals who are hospitalized and need foster care for their pets.
Millions of individuals volunteer to help raise funds or perform other tasks on behalf of charitable organizations. But what’s in store at tax time for animal rescue volunteers who work on behalf of organizations like the Humane Society of the U.S. Our friends at Born Free USA shares its list of successes from 2014, and what still needs to be done in 2015. Purpose: To prohibit the interstate commerce in nonhuman primates for the exotic pet trade. History: In 2003, the Captive Wildlife Safety Act was signed into law to prohibit interstate commerce in lions, tigers, and other big cats as pets. Progress in 2014: Born Free USA, along with partners, worked to attract more attention to this bill. Outcome: While the bill had strong bipartisan support and passed the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, it was ultimately overlooked due to other Congressional priorities. Purpose: To change CDC regulations to allow sanctuaries to import primates into the country for the purpose of providing humane lifetime care.
Outcome: While it did not pass, the awareness raised ensures that the bill is well-poised to be reintroduced in the House in 2015, and to find a Senate champion.

Purpose: To prohibit private ownership of exotic species, with that list to be defined by the Department of Natural Resources. History: West Virginia was one of only six states left lacking restriction or oversight for the private possession of exotic animals. Progress in 2014: Born Free USA lobbied to gain support for this bill in the House, and engaged our Members in a grassroots effort to emphasize the need for this ban. Purpose: To add the gray wolf, American black bear, and cougar to the list of protected species under the Illinois Wildlife Act. History: Under Illinois law, it is unlawful for any person at any time to take, possess, sell, offer for sale, propagate, or release into the wild any “protected species,” with exemptions for scientific, educational, or zoological institutions. 2014 SUCCESS: Born Free USA lobbied in support of this bill through grassroots outreach and by submitting testimony to the legislature. Purpose: To prohibit the construction of new fox penning enclosures, although current fox pens may continue to operate until 2054. Earl Ladd of Centreville was arrested along with two others following a home invasion in the 200 block of North 45th Street early Thursday morning just before two. The victims of the home invasion said that the three suspects walked into the home, displayed a weapon and struck one of them with it.  The house was ransacked as the victims watched. The three suspects then allegedly ran off, one of them turning around to fire a shot at the victims before getting in a vehicle and leaving. We all want our kids to be tech-savvy, but there are risks that come with all that digital screen time: headaches, backaches, blurry vision and poor concentration. With PCs, hand-held video games, smartphones and e-readers at their disposal, kids are spending an exorbitant amount of time in front of digital screens. VSP Vision Care optometrists report that nearly one-third of their patients suffer from CVS symptoms. While digital eye strain is commonly regarded as an adult condition, children are suffering from the side effects of overuse, says Dr.
The closer the eyes are to the object they're looking at, the harder the eyes have to work. Not only does outdoor play feel good, but research shows that it helps prevent the development of nearsightedness.
The eye, after all, is designed to handle a certain amount of contamination and is very resilient.
Think people only unnatural chemicals react to UV and blacklite,so do you really want to put that in your skin??????? Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
If you were to stop short, your dog can act as a projectile and go through your car’s front window. If you think it will take you four hours to reach your destination, add an additional hour to the trip.
On hot days, even in the shade, cars are like ovens; they heat up, and the results can be life-threatening. We cat parents know that while it is nice being around loving family and friends, we value our independence.
They know exactly where the laser pointer is kept and as soon as I reach for it, they are ready for the chase.  Just don’t shine it in their eyes. However, I like my skin and when they walk on me with their needle-like nails, I need to clip them. However, Marie Levine, executive director of The Shark Research Institute, finds encounters thrilling. When sharks spot a person splashing in the water, they may think they’re seeing a sea lion, seal, small fish or other marine mammals, which they prefer to eat. If you are several feet away from your boat or land, you won’t be able to out swim a shark. Owners have driven to the Philadelphia area from as far away as Florida and Missouri, and some have even flown in with their pets. Army intelligence officer who hailed from Florida, the program helped her find a home for a mini cocker spaniel mix named Coco and a Jack Russell terrier named Bella when she had to leave home for training. The Manacchios, in fact, have promised to foster Torri’s dogs if she is deployed again.
When the annual reckoning with the IRS rolls around, the reward for their willingness to help out can take the form of write-offs for unreimbursed expenses incurred while they do volunteer work.
Because primates face similar inhumane treatment and pose similar threats to public health and safety, advocates seek to add them to the list of species prohibited in commercial trade. The list of cosponsors soared to more than 150, and members of Congress spoke out in passionate support of the bill at a press conference highlighting Charla Nash: a woman who was severely injured in an attack by her neighbor’s pet chimpanzee, and who lent her voice to highlight the importance of this measure.

Born Free USA will capitalize on the favor it accrued to start strong in the next Congress.
Ellmers (R-NC) as a sponsor, Born Free USA worked to raise awareness and build support for the bill in Congress. This historic bill was initiated by Born Free USA in 2012, though it failed to pass that year. Tens of thousands of targeted and non-targeted animals are caught in traps that leave them injured, maimed, or dead. The bill aims to restore the original intent of the National Wildlife Refuge System to create havens for wildlife that are safe and free from unnatural intrusion. However, Born Free USA will continue its efforts to educate members of Congress about trapping.
The gray wolf, American black bear, and cougar populations are in need of these protections afforded to the other threatened species protected under the Illinois Wildlife Act. The legislature recognized the importance of these wildlife protections, passed the bill, and the governor signed it into law. These symptoms can affect our children’s learning and productivity, but there are ways to prevent digital eye strain, commonly called computer vision syndrome (CVS). A 2010 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 7.5 hours a day or more of electronic media time is common among kids eight to 18, up one hour and 17 minutes from five years ago.
Ease strain by keeping bright lights overhead to a minimum and position a desk lamp to shine on your desk, not at you. Children under two years should have no screen time, and older children should have less than two hours per day. A good rule is to apply the Harmon Distance (the distance between the elbow and first knuckle) as a guide. In fact, iris tattoos date back to the 1800s and have even been performed for medical reasons. If there is an accident and your dog isn’t restrained, he could panic, get out of the car, and get lost. Take him for short rides to the dog park before you go on vacation together; this will get him accustomed to riding in the car and it will make it an overall pleasurable experience.
Temperatures inside cars can reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit, causing heat stroke, brain damage, and even death.
One of my cats sleep on my desk while I work because she likes being near (at least that is what I tell myself) and she loves the big window that floods the room with sunlight. They are left empty because a grazing cat that eats too much food can develop diabetes and other serious ailments.
Our cats and dogs are living longer thanks to many changes in veterinary medicine, and because of the care we give them. The bill would also protect people and companion animals incidentally caught by brutal traps. All three are charged with one count of armed robbery, one count of home invasion, one count of aggravated discharged of a firearm and one count of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.  Bail was set at half a million dollars.
Children should have their first eye exam at six months, again at three years, before starting kindergarten and every year after that.
Position the computer screen in a way that reduces reflections and glare from windows or overhead lights.
Be aware of how long children are using digital devices and look for digital eye strain symptoms such as squinting, rubbing of the eyes and complaints of back, neck or head pain.
If a child is holding video games and digital devices closer than their Harmon Distance, let their eye doctor know.
You can color your whole eye in an infinite variety of shades, or simply switch your natural eye color.
A short walk or a run for both you and your dog will break up the trip and make it more enjoyable. By decreasing the shark population, the skates and rays greatly reduced the number of shellfish, which in turn hurt New Jersey fishermen.
Also, stay out of the water during early morning, late afternoon and at night; that’s when sharks tend to eat.

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