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The fraktur ligatures ‹ch›, ‹ck›, ‹?t›, ‹tz› are treated as ?ingle letters with regard to letter?pacing. It is important to note the effect of the \xspace (to be introduced with the xspace-package). It is certainly possible to only apply such a font to specific part of the document, but I did not need that before. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged fonts xetex or ask your own question. What sort of geological features or weather patterns would create a region with the same temperature year-round?

Without it, the space preceeding the spaced out text will be a normal interword space and thus to thin; making it hard to recognise the beginning of the spaced text.
The UniFraktur site you link to has this information, but perhaps you can include the “?chwitzen” example they use to explain in your answer why you’ve set the font features as you (correctly) did. In any case, loading xltxtra is not needed, but fontspec is for being able to load an OpenType font. Although they have very different origins, they have a comparable form; both are calligraphic, fragmented, and high contrast.

I used Monotype Old English as a guide and drew and arranged three-point "brushstokes" in the manner of Wonton and many other such fonts.

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