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Looking at the Electrolux AG Zurich logo, is almost the same as the one on your logo design love book on page 26 ??? The 1950s donned a cloak of perkiness – smoking didn’t kill, Cuba was a vacation destination and women were pleased as punch to do housework in pearls and heels.
This Australian travel poster from the ’50s continues the sans serif font trend of the decade.
Great collection, watching the patterns and progressions of the decades design as you get further in the post is really fascinating. I think that as much as the looks of these advertisement differ from the way we see it nowadays, nothing much has changed as to the philosophy of advertisement behind these.

I am the proprietress of a small stationery store in the Middle East and would like to use the first logo as mine (albeit with different colours).
The advertising of that decade, as seen on the popular TV drama “Mad Men,” featured splashes of color to convey satisfaction and wealth.
After all, that was the era when graphic design superstars Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Max Bill and Milton Glaser came into their own by starting agencies and unveiling iconic logos. It’s nice to see the older styles and more prominent colors used back in the day compared to everything else now. Designers today can make note of the soft tones in people’s faces, the watercolor-like feel of the painting and even the use of sans serif fonts.

I think a lot of the design from the 50s has much more skill and integrity than modern day works though. Today, tobacco products legally must carry warning labels, Americans must climb obstacles to travel to Cuba and women are as much of the workforce as men. When I look at advertisements of the ’50s, I get a sense that the people are happy whether they’ve bought a new television set or are simply going about a household chore.

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