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Hennacat™ strives to provide reliable information about henna and other herbal products based on experience and experimentation.
By Henna Cat On September 7, 2015 · Add Comment So the kids are back at school, and it’s just a matter of time before that dreaded notice goes up at the school warning all parents to check their children for head lice that are doing the rounds.
Head lice spread fast at school as young children are always having contact with each other. Effective head lice treatments need to work on two fronts, addressing both the adult lice and the nits (eggs) that cling to the hair strands.
Henna Mehndi OilHenna Mehndi Oil A blend of rich eucalyptus oil, henna oil and other essential oils. Henna Hair Color applicator brushThis brush is the ideal tool for applying henna paste to color your hair. Henna capHenna caps prevent spillage when you have applied henna hair color on your hairs and waiting for the henna to dry up and stain your hair. It’s a myth that lice jump from head to head, they don’t, in fact they are only passed on by direct contact. Luckily, there are plenty of natural remedies for head lice that have proved very effective, one of which is henna.
The acidic solutions that are commonly mixed with henna (lemon juice, etc.) also break down the glue-like substance that nits use to attached to hair strands.

You can call us to to come pick up supplies (by appointment only).We use 2010 Jamila, 2008 Yemeni and 2009 Indian Rajasthani mehndi in our henna paste. Additionally, the muddy, sticky qualities of henna makes it perfect for smothering the live bugs that are roaming the scalp. For particularly bad infestations, Artemisia or fenugreek has been shown to improve effectiveness of henna for lice removal.
Henna is a plant-based natural and organic dye that safely leaves a temporary tattoo on the skin for 10-14 days.
Henna is used traditionally for blessing ways, weddings, baby showers and religious celebrations. Locally most of my henna belly appointments are done with the client privately, in photoshoots or at their baby shower (this way guests get henna too!). Did you know that in freestyle henna you always get a little bit more then the standard designs? I’m about that positive energy, happy people, natural organic lifestyle, and people who respect me for who I am. Inspired by Bella Henna A Henna Belly design can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to complete. Most babies in mom’s tummy will bounce around and give a kick here and there as I apply the henna.

I believe it also took me at least 3-4 years to be a descent henna artist, and another 3-4 years to become a wonderful henna artist.
I wrap every belly with saniderm to ensure darkest and longest stain results of the henna body art tattoo.
I enjoy taking inspiration from other artists and then putting my own special touches of the final design. Henna will be a light orange tone at first and then suddenly over the next few hours (24-48 hours) the design gets darker and deepens.
At the Henna Sooq, I get to create my own schedule, and have that flexibility to me a mom, and wife. Inspired by Akiyo Henna Every Henna Belly design created always reflects the energy I feel from the person.
The straw that breaks this camels back is when the event organizers allow this, and it doesn’t seem to bother them. They have Native Soul Sunday every month where they showcase local businesses, and products.

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