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There are different strokes which are utilized to build an Indian henna design on the palm and these include the sun, hearts, line strokes, flowers, leaves, creepers and rainbows. Zig Zag lines or flowing strokes which look like the cursive letters F, L and S lines are used to fill out areas in the design.
A checkerboard symbol is also created by drawing out a rectangle from the icing cone in a fine border and creating checks across the center. A delicate and intricate looking pattern can be created by using the letter S horizontally to create a vine and then fill it out on the side or top and bottom with sunrays, triangles, hearts or simply three dots on either end. The idea when creating a pattern is to utilize three or four strokes and using them repeatedly to create a unique and comprehensive Indian henna design. The growing fascination of people with Oriental culture and tradition has brought henna tattoos into limelight.
These three separate patterns sitting on the palm and wrist are very simple, neat and easy to create. Henna designs are mostly created on feet and hands but you can also get them done on your neck for a unique appeal. Not very elaborate and intricate, this henna tattoo design uses flowers and leaves to produce a sober and clean look. A fine artistic pattern is evident in this henna tattoo design.It also bears words, which are entwined with the beautiful contours.
The girl got her back decorated with an unconventional and mysterious looking design to express her fascination with mysticism.
The string of flowers looks quite seductive on the bare leg of the girl and make for a cute and charming design. This image gives you a glimpse of a modern take on the henna tattoo design that is unique and meaningful.
The bunch of four flowers tattooed in a semi-circular style looks very graceful as a tattoo design. The beautiful Indian bride sports a decent and delectable henna tattoo design on her hand that adds to her divine charm.

Decorate your smooth and sexy flat abs with this catchy henna design that combines floral and paisley motifs. Sport a different and meaningful henna design just like this tree tattoo that stands for wisdom and knowledge.
The evergreen charm of flowers remains intact in henna tattoo designs as it is simple and beautiful. It will take minutes to create this small and sweet floral henna tattoo design that is symbolic of feminine beauty and tenderness. Take a look at this freshly done henna tattoo design created with floral, paisley and curvy pattern. Symbolic of beauty and love, this henna tattoo design is considered to be auspicious and also looks alluring.
If you do not like detailed and crowded designs then this pattern is the perfect choice for your henna tattoo.
A popular and pretty henna design, the floral circle looks very cool, sitting on the upper back and shoulder of the girl. This image gives a fine view of the intricacy and expertise required to create a conventional detailed henna tattoo design. This bunch of three flowers, created with henna, is a simile for the family of the girl and looks very decent. WOW these Voguish Henna Tattoo Designs are so nice it will look more nice if they are used on bride to make it look more beautiful. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Read on to discover the art of Indian henna designs…Indian henna designs have become popular all over the world as temporary body art. Another common pattern is the creation of a creeper by using a shape like the comma and combining it with inverted quotation marks. Alternate checks are then filled in and when the dried out henna is washed off, the color of the skin in the small checkered squares contrasts with the orange and red hue of the painted square.

Another popular floral motif like the four leaf clover which has inverted hearts creates an interesting and youthful pattern.
It is not necessary for the pattern to be symmetrical or perfect but it must follow consistently sized strokes in order for the pattern to develop into a uniform running design. This will mean that it will flow gently from the icing cone and you will have more control on where the dye will flow on the body and be able to control your artwork. Women from all parts of the world have developed a love of sorts with the henna decorations. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
The leaf can be incorporated by simply creating the edge and internal strokes or by completely filling in the inside of the motifs.
Begin practicing on a small area of the body and repeat one design till you get a consistency and grip on the stroke then start to build up. The dye is available from the leaves of the Henna tree and can be created by crushing the fresh leaves to release the colored pigment or drying thereby creating a powder which can later be mixed with water to create a thick paste. They have been known to adorn the body parts of women since ages in the Eastern Mediterranean region and India. This is applied through an icing cone-like tube for creating an intricate Indian henna design on the hands or other parts of the body.
You can also draw your palm outline on paper and fill it in with a design of your choice then finally paint it on the palm. A traditional Indian wedding is rarely complete without the henna ceremony that comprises the bride and other women applying different henna tattoo designs on their hands and feet.
Henna tattoos are also said to possess medicinal properties and many stories and folklores are attached with them.

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