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It seems that with the popularity of tattoos and the potential for high income, a lot of people want to become a tattoo artist. Have you wanted to become a tattoo artist but didn’t know where to start?  The tattoo artist is a profession that is very much in demand if you are well trained and skilled.  Read on to find out how to become a great tattoo artist. There has been a rise in the popularity of tattoos and tattoo artists in the last 15 years. Next, you are going to want to work on sharpening your abilities to draw with a tattoo machine.
The next thing that you will need is a tattoo artist or shop to give you a shot at working under them or for them. Just like apprenticeships in the old days, you will now have the honor of learning many valuable skills from the master. The shop you apprentice in may provide you with the tools you need, or you may have to have your own.
Usually with an apprenticeship the teacher decides that you are ready to go off on your own.
It makes no difference how long you are an apprentice for or how long you have tattooed people for, you will never know everything about the business or tattooing in general. When it all comes down to it, all you really need is raw talent and skill, a good portfolio, some modesty and a ton of enthusiasm.
When you are ready to begin your journey to become a tattoo artist, we suggest starting off by reading the Aspiring Tattoo Artist’s Guide. South Carolina requires anyone between the ages of 18 to 21 wanting a tattoo to have parental consent even though they are legally an adult. This flyer represents the back of a muscular man, that you can easily tattooed information about your event : birthday, festival, concert, show, and more. Many of them make the mistake of buying a kit and practicing on their friends, which is very dangerous. An apprentice is someone who learns a skill from someone else already skilled in the trade.
There has also been a rise in the amount of people who want to become tattoo artists for profit from this growing industry.

If you don’t have the artistic ability to draw well on paper, you most likely will not do well as a tattoo artist.
Your knowledge does not have to stop here however, you can also get the chance to hang out and learn from other tattoo artists in the shop or around your area.
Eventually, if you are planning to go far in this field, you will need your own tattoo machine. In some cases, however, there has been a contract that was signed at the beginning of your apprenticeship.
There will always be more to learn, teach, new techniques to take on, and new ways to boost what you have already done.
After all of your training and apprenticeships are over, you will see how easy it can be to believe that you have what it takes to become a tattoo artist, when you in fact know nothing about the art at all. Having somewhere to live rent free while you try to take on a regular job to live on and take on an apprenticeship is a good idea for stress’ sake. Many of these people never become truly successful at tattooing anyway, and never acquire the skills necessary to compete in this highly competitive business. Getting a few tattoos in the process is also a great first hand way to pay attention and learn from other established tattoo artists. If you are a really good artist you must never be fulfilled with just satisfactory results and never let yourself grow to be narcissistic and big headed.
Hopefully one day you can be the teacher for the right person who does have raw skill and the determination to become a really good artist like yourself. Will power and fortitude will definitely also come in handy on your journey as will diligence. You will need to find a way to save or acquire the money needed for your training.Then you need to find an apprenticeship - but not just any apprenticeship - you need to find the right one for you.
Every artist has a special flare to their work and it shows through their art and technique.
We suggest looking at some good stigma rotary tattoo machines and plan on purchasing one if tattooing is going to be your career. Some of the best artists are the ones that read the most books and manuals outside of the apprenticeship and practice.

One with a master you feel you can truly learn from - not someone just offering apprenticeships to make money.
Skill can come from fine art classes, working with a fellow artist, learning technique from books, or all of the above. Getting an apprenticeship can be a challenge, so I recommend you read How to Get an Apprenticeship to learn more specifically what you need to do.In addition to needing money for your apprenticeship, you will also need to be able to sustain yourself during training. Unless you are independently wealthy, you'll need to hold down a regular job at the same time you are serving your apprenticeship. A portfolio is a case or binder containing examples of your art, to show your different skills. You will not be earning money in the shop during your training.Once you are an apprentice, you will learn many skills from your teacher, most of them having nothing to do with actual drawing.
You will learn how to safely clean your equipment, how to operate a tattoo machine, how to adjust your power supply, how to protect yourself and your clients from disease, and last but not least - how to correctly apply a tattoo.
This can take many months to learn completely.During your time as an apprentice, you will continue to practice and hone your drawing skills. You are not limited to only gaining knowledge from your teacher - you may also have the opportunity to spend time learning from other artists as well. Sometimes a contract was signed at the beginning of the apprenticeship, and the terms will vary. But as long as you are not under contract to continue for a certain length of time or prevented from working for a competing shop, you can decide to stretch your wings when you feel you have learned all you can from your teacher.No matter how long you apprentice or how long you tattoo, you never know it all. There is always more to learn, new techniques to adopt, new ways to enhance what has already been done.

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