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If you have talent, you can design your own tattoo in the same way that most skin art artists do. This contest allows you to submit ideas and have a professional tattoo artist ink design you based on the information or data that you provide to them. Once you are ready, then to create the image itself is rather simple, but what you end up with may not be real custom tattoo designs. Tattoo has been very popular since many times ago, so everyone might know many kind of best tattoo designs. A black cat tattoo can stand for a positive omen in some cultures while they can also symbolize evil and bad luck. Tattoos based on the unforgettable character created by Lewis Carroll are very popular all over the world and they often feature Cheshire Cat as he was represented in Tim Barton’s adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland”. Cat paw prints make an excellent subject for this type of body art and are generally inked in black. This symbol originally stood for good luck in business, but has now become a very popular subject for body art.
Like all other tribal tattoo designs, the tribal cat tattoos can have different symbolic values including one’s connection with the nature.

Traditional cat tattoos can be both black and multicolored, being suitable for people from different age groups.
Sphynx, the popular breed of hairless cats, has gained considerable popularity as a subject for tattoos all over the world.
Small cat tattoos are often sported on spots like wrists, ankles, foot, neck and arms, allowing the wearer to show off their stylish personality. Animal skull tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts, especially men, with the cat skull tattoos being among the most sought after varieties. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. One of the best ways to get a design made for you is to go online and find a website that offers custom tattoo design contest. The design contest is a good way to find that specific artist to bring your design to fruition. You can have access to thousands of skin art designs so you can do it with own imagination. In western countries, they are often believed to represent witchcraft while in ancient Roman and Egyptian cultures, they are considered sacred.

Secondly put together a collage of pictures that you have found on the Internet for your tattoo artist to see.
So, cat tattoos can carry diverse symbolic value, depending on the culture and beliefs of the wearer. The first step to designing your own tattoo is to figure out what kind of ink you want to design.
The tattoos most commonly stand for independence, intelligence and being quick on the feet. This is a little off the wall but go to Lowes or Home Depot and look in the paint department for color swatches.
Trust me this is important because there you can find out what colors compliment one another.

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