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This collection is all about cross pictures in different styles and are very pleasant to see. Below we have some awesome  20 Most Inspirational Pictures of Cross that will enough to inspire you. I remember singing, “At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away, it was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day!” (Isaac Watts).
As we contemplate the cross, we should think of our righteousness and live according to who He has died for us to become. It is a crucial part of spiritual formation and maturity, and it requires both faith and faithfulness. Anytime this truth is proclaimed among the people of God, a hush and awe should overcome the congregation. And, why do barbarians such as Isis hate the cross and mark believers as followers of the cross?

We who are sinners deserve punishment; He who deserved no punishment took ours upon Himself. The more the disciples knew Jesus, heard His teaching, and observed His power, the more they realized this was no ordinary teacher.
Only by battling to resist the urges of selfishness out of love for God and his Kingdom can we experience the peace of Christ’s love. We all have our personal combination of selfish tendencies, our own recipe of challenges and difficulties in life, which make up the fiber of our cross.
Do you pick it up each day?Today, September 14th, is an especially good day to look for it, or to remind yourself of it, or to polish it up, because today the Church celebrates the Triumph of the Cross.Originally this celebration was linked to St. Helen’s miraculous fourth-century finding of the cross on which Jesus had been crucified.
The Emperor Constantine constructed magnificent Basilicas on the hill of Calvary and over the Holy Sepulchre (where Christ was buried) to honor the cross of Christ.

When the Persian armies conquered Palestine around the year 600, they carried off the pieces of the True Cross, which had been housed in the basilicas.
Ever since, the Church has commemorated the event, and taken advantage of it not only to venerate the actual pieces of wood, but also to praise Christ for the sacrifice he offered upon that wood, a sacrifice that reunited God and man forever.The cross is at the heart of the Christian message. It is the intersection of the human and the divine, the arms of God outstretched to embrace suffering mankind, the new tree of eternal life whose fruit is the Holy Eucharist. If only I could walk you through the ancient churches in Rome and Palestine, and show you the surpassingly beautiful mosaics and sculptures of the cross, bedecked with jewels and bursting forth in flowing rivers of grace!

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