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These incredibly cute animals bring a smile to anyone’s face as they snub their nose and playful nature toward you. People always love the sight of these animals as they quite gregarious, playful and friendly by nature. Dolphins are ranked among the most intelligent of creatures along with the fact that they are also very friendly and nimble too. Dolphins have been revered by many ancient cultures throughout the world for their gentle nature. They seem to cavort in water as if it is the easiest thing to do while ensuring that they and their pod of dolphins are protected at all times.The dolphins are considered to be quintessentially female in nature and are revered for their many qualities among most cultures.
But the reason for the dolphin as a tattoo design is based on two things – they are great to look at and another is that they represent many things symbolically. The dolphin has always been viewed as a creature having a noble and helpful nature which does not resort to violence. They are known to aid in healing, transformation, balance, inspiration, creativity, intuition and telepathy. Dolphins are known to act as a guiding force in human lives and they are also associated with feminine essence, reincarnation, renewal and prosperity.

But unlike any other creature of the sea, the dolphin is always seen and shown as an affable creature. It is for such reasons that people often choose to wear tattoos that depict these amazing creatures. Among the Celts, the dolphins carried a lot of significance with the belief that entering the waters that have dolphins in them would cleanse your soul and bring you peace.The Dolphin is supposed to denote prosperity and act as a guiding force. Dolphin tattoos can come in a number of different styles and both traditional black ink as well as other colorful shades can be used to create them.
Another thing that a dolphin has going for it is the fact is that they are also supposed to be connected with reincarnation. This means if you are looking for a change or a chance to recreate yourself then the Dolphin Tattoo is the way to go for inspiration.
The Sun Dolphin is supposed to signify good quality of life, good health, intelligence, energy and the act of renewal. With the Moon Dolphin it is supposed to represent the female power, lost dreams, powers that are hidden and good intuition.Apart from these dolphins represent a sense of fun, smartness, fidelity, free thinking, incredibly well balanced, gentleness and renewal. The dolphin is not only smart and cute but it also has many commendable qualities like being social and family oriented.

Under the Chinese way of thinking they represent Yin-Yang with a sense of balance and harmony.With so many meanings, symbolism and significance associated with dolphins it is no wonder that they are sought after as a tattoo design. When you start looking for tattoo designs you will find that there is plenty of choice and you can choose the location of your choice depending on the location you pick for it.Normally women like to get the dolphin tattoo to be placed on the lower back, ankles, shoulders etc.
Men tend to go for dolphin tattoos more for the symbolism than the looks of it like women do.
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