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Tattoos are extremely popular as style statements and most of the people go for the art form to enhance their body charm.
Well, the location of the tattoo differs from individual to individual but most of them get it on such a part that it is visible to oneself as well as others. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Chopper Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Eye Tattoos and Disney Tattoos. Wearing the crown of thorns and a somber, soulful expression on his face; this portrait tattoo evokes holy feelings. Unique in design; this Jesus tattoo created on the arm as an expression of faith looks mysterious. The two holy symbols entwined together create a super religious tattoo that also looks creative and catchy. Large back tattoo carrying the portrait of Jesus is meant to guard the wearer and save him from evil influences.
Wearing the Jesus tattoo gives many a feeling of strength and they feel motivated to lead a spiritual and moral life.
Check out this portrait of Jesus created on the calf that looks different from others in a cute manner.
Carved on the back of the neck, below the ear, the Jesus tattoo looks graceful and full of kindness. Eyes closed in prayer, the Jesus tattoo on the forearm, inspires the wearer to keep going in his spiritual pursuit. With blood drops flowing on his face and eyes looking up in prayer; this tattoo of Jesus looks mournful. The girl got this Jesus tattoo on her arm as a tribute to her mother who was a firm believer in the King of kings.
Done on the neck, this Jesus portrait tattoo looks lost in prayers and thinking about the good of the mankind.

A believer finds the Jesus tattoo a stylish and artful way to express his faith in god and religion. Carved just above the elbow; this Jesus tattoo gives the wearer hope and inspiration to find out his real calling in life.
This Fabulous tattoo of Jesus uses the optical illusion effect to create a magnificent art piece.
Upper back tattoo of Jesus looks artistic and quite different from other portraits in its style and aura.
This guy has just started going to church and got the tattoo to flaunt his new-found interest in life.
This catchy tattoo shows Jesus carrying the cross and serves as a source of motivation to the wearer to always follow the path of truth and sacrifice. Large Jesus tattoo showing half of his face along with the cross makes for an intriguing and mournful piece of art. This tattoo evokes feelings of kindness and sympathy making one feel inclined to indulge in good deeds and charity. Jesus holding hands and a rose below together create an elegant and sacred looking tattoo that oozes strong positive vibes.
The savior who sacrificed himself for the larger good of humanity looks majestic in this tattoo piece. We must follow the path shown by Jesus and lead a moral and spiritually elevating life; this is what the Jesus tattoo says. The son of Virgin Mary who showed us the path of truth, love and sacrifice looks graceful as a tattoo piece.
Look at the eyes of Christ in this upper back tattoo, it appears as though he is aghast at the state of humanity. The woman got this tattoo on her back as memorial for her son who died on the date mentioned below the portrait.

Etched on the arm, this Jesus tattoo has got an alluring display that catches attention in minutes. This man is awed by the sacrifice of the Christ and the portrait tattoo is a representation of that same fascination. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. However, there is also a section which expresses its belief in the almighty through the tattoos. There are various religious and holy symbols that give vent to this belief and the Jesus tattoos are one of them.
Other designs that are popular include Virgin Mary & Jesus, Jesus with cross, Jesus in a crucified state, etc.
The portrait of Jesus Christ can be easily seen on the body parts of men and women in equal number.
If you are interested in the designs and looking for ideas then this post would serve you fine as it features 30 images on the subject. However most Jesus tattoos sport a face wearing a crown of thorns, bleeding and having agonized eyes.

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