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Five and a half years of expirience as tattoo artist, two as owner of Tattoo Atelje 23.Willing to learn more and to develop as artist in diferent countries. Amazingly eventful program includes workshops, contests, fashion-shows, photo, live music and other useful activities. I'm 26 sexy, and have 4 tattoos and 2 piercings I have a large butterfly colored in my whole stomache down to my vagina, a big tattoo on my left arm, one behind my neck, and one on the back right side of shoulder. I do have a taping planned for April '06, but I have a problem "you guys" can help me with.
A full sleeve tattoo is usually intricate from the shoulder to the wrist of the arm, which is an attractive canvas for artists and inevitably a choice for tattoo addict. Depending on the complexity of the design, it normally takes longer time and energy to get a full sleeve tattoo finished, whether you would like to fill in a full sleeve for cover up, or to create a new design. Maori tattoo inspired tribal tattoo on full sleeve in details, with elements of Tiki, spiral patterns and matau, etc.
I have one tatoo, i designed it myself, it goes from my collar bone over my shoulder, up my neck a little and down my arm and over my shoulder blade. Half sleeve on my left arm, orchids with kanji writing down my spine, dragon on the back of my neck.
Although i only have one large tattoo across my lower back, i have 2 lip piercings, my noise, ears, 4 belly button piercings, and the back of my neck. I have a medium sized scorpion tattoo on my right shoulder, and a tattoo of a shot glass and the phrase "Live Fast, Die Young." on my left ankle.
I've got two sets of cherries on each side of my chest (fairly big), the Cheshire Cat off of Alice in Wonderland on my left shoulder (big), in cursive handwriting "Beautiful Pain" on the back of my neck, a dead rose that has a heart with a noose hanging down from it on my right arm, and a little tribal design on my right shoulderblade.

But there’s something you need to know before having the full sleeve tattoo despite of the lure. In this post, I carefully collected a list of 55+ awesome full sleeve tattoos for your reference. Fashionable female portrait, bird, heart symbol splashed with black ink and decorative cursive script. The deep Autumn leaves tattoo is a sign of transformation, a metaphor for rich experience of life. I have a 4inch by 4inch tribal butterfly on my upperback between my sholderblades, i also have a 3" by 3" tribal sun on my lower back (i am also getting more work done this summer). I am open to any kind of photography as well as working with any artist who has a vision for my ink. I have three on my lower back, a black and grey sparrow on each side and the quote "Be Still and Know" written between them.
I have genitaly piercing-esspecialy(10 piercing) and pierced my face and my body(12piercing). The only request I make, to tell the story of women and body mods, is that they come in and tell their story in their words and show what they want. Bad one or poorly executed may be offensive, so it’s important to have a study on both the studio and the design. It glow in black light, not only that I'm going tis weekend o get more tattoos and stuff added on to it. I have both ankles full, my right foot, the back of my neck, my upper back there are four, my stomach, both of my hips, and the top of both of my wrists.

On my front I have on on each hip, on my right a rose and a heart, on the left, a turquoise dragon(white belly) with red cherry blossoms. I never tell anyone what to say, what to show or what to do.The post is old, but I still do check it and I am planning another taping for this April 2006.
I also Have pictures of me If you need one, and Just to throw this in, I was currently in Super Bitch Magazine. I do contact all the women who post here and keep them updated on the tapings.And it is not "any LEGITIMATE video," all my videos are legitimate.
Remember it’s the same important to appoint an best tattoo artist for you tattoo execution. She has a black dragon around her belly button, the same dragon design on her left hip but her's is blue with a yellow belly and just outline for the cherry blossoms, she has a blue shooting star on her left ankle and the exact same shooting star in red on the right. She has the name of her dog and his rip date on her left foot, and a full dragon back piece complete with a cross and nautical stars.
Feel free to contact any of the women on my site (all real names) and ask them how they were treated. You are also very out of line calling these women "less than sharp" without even reading about the videos.I don't blame you, though. There are certainly alot of sh-tbags trying to exploit women on the net, but that is not me.Do you think there's more people trying to exploit women on the internet or people who lash out at others without knowing what they are talking about?

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