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Geeky love quotes are pretty abundant, but here are some (32, specifically) of our favorites. Today we were planning on posting our huge DIY wall-mounted Wampa head (if you follow us on on our new Instagram or Tumblr¬†accounts, you know what we’re talking about). Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor , asking Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, Wizard of the First Order, about his late wife.
BUT, that will have to wait a couple days, while we do one last Valentine’s Day post.

Loving someone more than life itself, and being able to be with them, and having them love you back?
Loving someone more than life itself, and being able to be with them and having them love you back? Our Nerd Home chronicles our attempts at mixing our passion for all things geek with DIY home projects. We initially published this LAST Valentine’s Day, but it kind of flew under the radar.

We made some with DIY photo mats (see top photo) – those are made with basic construction paper that we cut.

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