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A scientific expedition sets out for Borneo to seek a flower called the Blood Orchid, which could grant longer life.
Cannes 2016: IMDb's VIP Dinner Check out photos from IMDb's annual dinner at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. CDS announced on April 10, 2014 it will produce a prank film with the working title Natural Born Pranksters, starring Zdorovetskiy, Atwood, and a third prominent YouTube prank artist, Dennis Roady.
Zdorovetskiy is the most well known of Natural Born Pranksters’ featured players if you use YouTube statistics as your gauge for popularity.
Natural Born Pranksters is currently in pre-production and scheduled to begin production in June 2014. Way back in 2010, CDS collaborated with Brian Robbins (who later would go onto found AwesomenessTV) and Lucas Cruikshank (who most recently can be seen on this Petsami series) for the made-for-TV movie version of Cruikshank’s then-very-popular YouTube character, Fred.
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When an audience sees standup comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias perform Thursday night at the Topeka Performing Arts Center, they might be getting a preview of what they will see in July on a screen at the Regal Hollywood Stadium 14 movie theaters.

Iglesias just filmed two nights of live comedy in San Jose, Calif., for “The Fluffy Movie,” set for a July 11 release. But will Iglesias start landing as many movie roles as Hart, who in the past few months has co-starred in “Grudge Match,” “Ride Along” and “About Last Night,” as well as making numerous television appearances? Iglesias said he just doesn’t want to work that hard, adding he doesn’t consider standup work. It’s all just too boring and tedious for Iglesias, who keeps busy with 46 weeks a year of live comedy. Iglesias, who said he has been doing sound effects and silly voices since he was a boy, said voice acting for animation goes more quickly, saying he can complete a project in a couple of days. Iglesias has a couple more animated films in the works, but, he said: “I’ll never quit doing standup. Tickets, which are $42, not including any applicable taxes or fees, can be purchased in person at the TPAC box office, 214 S.E. Atwood is slated to direct the flick that will star the trio doing what they do best (like pretending to sleep with each other’s parents, pretending to have had extra-relationship affairs, and pretending to have an incredible amount of disposable income in front of the ladies), but presumably with more epic premises and bigger budgets. The self-proclaimed “Russian dude with a camera and some wonderful ideas” has more than 540 million views and and 5.7 million subscribers.

CDS plans to release the motion picture in theaters, but hasn’t yet locked down a distributor. The film drew no less than 7.6 million viewers on Nickelodeon (which were the best ratings for a TV movie that year among some of the cable network’s key demographics) and would spawn at least two sequels and two television series. If and when they find one, the film will be the first Collective Digital Studio production to find its way into theaters, but it won’t be Collective Digital Studio’s first film. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show.
Roady’s channel is a distant third, with more than 9.7 million views and 300,000 subscribers, but that’s mostly due to the fact he had a late start.
Roady worked almost exclusively on Atwood’s channel (the two met each other in Columbus, Ohio and started collaborating back in 2010) before launching his own channel on YouTube in May 2012.

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