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If you are a regular reader you know that I post about fonts quite frequently and especially love to share places where you can find free fonts for your personal projects. If you love fonts as much as I do and want to make sure you don’t miss any posts like this, make sure to hop on the mailing list! Sign up here. Which is your favorite handwritten font? If you have created a project using one of these or any other handwritten font, please share a link with us below, so we can be inspired by your work.
If you love free fonts, deals and specials, hop on this special mailing list, and I’ll give you a heads up whenever I come across anything awesome.
Behind the scenes we are completely revamping the marketplace where we sell the fonts I create. Amelian Typeface is a watercolour-made typeface using traditional brush and manually handstroked.
Ariadne is a handwritten font family full of open type features such as ligatures, swashes, ornaments, catchwords etc.
The Cantoni Total Design Font family is a hand lettered font with a variety of standard and alternate characters that play together well. Even though these fonts are not free, they are extremely affordable, very well made and you can see the attention to details and to perfection on each font. The DIN Text series was based on the original standards but was completely redesigned to fit typographic requirements and includes condensed and compressed versions. Extra thin letters, condensed and with a handwritten touch, Mr Moustache gives a warm and friendly feeling to your layout.
Type designer Hannes von Dohren has created Pluto, a sweet type family consisting of 16 Uprights and 16 Italics; 32 fonts in all. Burgues Script is an ode to the late 19th century American calligrapher Louis Madarasz, whose legendary pen has inspired schools of penmanship for over 100 years.
Carolyna is an elegant, yet whimsically handwritten calligraphy font that was created with readability in mind.
Emily Lime is the namesake font – and the first of many to come from this up and coming foundry. This font was hand-drawn based on Italia Condensed typeface from Keystone Foundry from circa 1906. Design System is a great type system consisted of 5X7X2=70 font styles from 70s-style simple square sans to the widest style of all time that are best for titles, logo and text.
Lignette Script is an elegant monoline font consisting of 535 glyphs, with a wide range of languages covered (including Greek) and 71 beautiful ligatures.
Get creative with the adventurous new brush casual Alpine Script from Charles Borges de Oliveira. Sommet Slab Round is the latest in the Sommet series, designed as a slab serif companion to Sommet Rounded.
TDM - Top Design Magazine was founded by two guys who are passionate about design and development.
We are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts or news so if you want to promote your idea, send us an email and we'll publish it.

They’re perfect for those of us who are just starting out in things like photoshop and want to make our images a little more special. While this list includes paid fonts that I have purchased for my work, they have been invaluable to me. I’d love to share some examples on my social media feeds, so don’t be afraid to show your stuff!
If you purchase through these links, you’ll help support Elegance & Enchantment, and you’ll receive some amazing fonts, too.
Part of the revamp has included opening a Creative Market store and whilst creating the store I have spent a lot of time scrolling through the other fonts available on Creative Market and whilst I have come across hundreds of stunning fonts, I wanted to share with you 10 of my favorite hand drawn script fonts that I believe are worth every cent (penny)! I'm Tom, I create handcrafted fonts under my personal brand and generally keep this place looking nice and tidy. Even these demo images are little pieces of art, so you can image how awesome your project will look if you use one of these typefaces.
Counting 4 glyphs for each letter, the laborious kerning table ensures that the glyphs are really exchangeable. Completed in 2002, it was first released and published in Parachute’s award-winning 2003 catalog and was an instant hit.
Geometric by nature, Centrale Sans is characterized by some humanistic features, resulting in a more warm and friendly look.
The fonts are informal and friendly at first sight and lend themselves to display settings, however the straight and upright architecture of Pluto also makes it perfect for longer copy.
It uses open-type features to assist with letter flow and to give each creation that modern, hand-lettered touch. It’s a fun, fully connected script with open type features to help with flow and readability. Loaded with stylish ornaments and flourishing alternates for all its letters and numbers, this font is a terrific toolbox for display purposes.
Their simple form does not limit the target of design and can be used for any creative work.
It counts 3 styles: regular, counterless and outlines (hand-drawn outlines, not digital ones!). This 1900’s inspired face makes the construction of ribbon or cartouche banners and mastheads the simple work of a few moments.
It’s stylish, versatile and loaded with amazing OpenType features that do their magic in OpenType savvy applications. Wrought iron is a widely used element on Portuguese architecture and, as such, the typeface started after collecting several photographs of modernist iron signage in several cities in the north of Portugal, specially in Espinho, Porto, Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo. The typeface features slightly wider counters to accommodate the serifs and this more generous whitespace allows the typeface to display well on-screen and as a webfont. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message. Here you will find the most interesting news, tutorials and resources related to all branches of design and web programming.

Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to create some of the beautiful designs that have been shared on this blog and my Etsy store. Cannot wait to see the end product of your ebook, especially now that I know it will be filled with pretty fonts. I thought your website was supposed to be dedicated to free or at least affordable fonts… This post was a complete waste of my time. I consider each one to be an investment into my business and a tool to create the products that I share and sell.
Additional features include: Roman numerals, Fractions, Ordinals, Ornate and Old Style numbers, Greek symbols, a set of Flourishes, Ornaments and DIY Wedding Words and Images. Hipsteria suitable for any project that requires the natural hand lettering feel as the core design elements; such as logo, wedding invitation, greeting card, poster, etc. The power of OpenType is used with precision in the Contextual Alternate feature to make sure letters connect seamlessly, t’s cross where they can and swashes don’t crash into neighboring glyphs.
With over 1000 characters, there are many stylistic alternates to choose from, tons of foreign characters so you can write in other languages, and fun swashes to give headings a little something extra. This great handwriting font includes other features to help make each creation unique and interesting – swashes, letter embellishments, alternates, etc.
Dynascript is actually Two fonts in One–without switching fonts you can instantly change from Dynascript’s connecting font to the non-connecting italic with the simple push of a button.
Additionally they all have been designed not to provide a feeling of strangeness when they are used in mixture each others. They’re full of pep and spirit and lots of big fun shapes designed to get your team motivated.
Its sprightly swashes and twisting stylistic alternates (say that 3 times fast!) play together to deliver a really cool contextual feature that, in a push-button way, substitutes the first letter in a word with its left swash version and the last letter with its right swash version (please type a space before and after the words). Continuing the free font collection series today – I am excited to share a collection of favorite free handwritten fonts. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, I don’t believe that you can access the alternatives using Photoshop (which is so silly, I know). While my site isn’t solely dedicated to free fonts, I do have a whole bunch of posts where you can find freebies, which you can find right here. I hope that my site will inspire you, fuel your creativity and help make our world a more beautiful place. Feel free to contact me if you find that any letter you need that is not included in the font yet.
I did write an entire articles about using glyphs (including a way that you can use them in Microsoft Word).

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