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And here is the finished product I’m so happy with, thanks to the artistic skills of Nate at the LA Ink Studio – “High Voltage Tattoo”! I’ve written about it in my earlier posts, after talking to several friends who are ink addicts – obviously how painful it is depends where on your body the tattoo is done – the closer to bone it is the worse it will be. But this is where my wanna-be tattoo drawing became a cool tattoo design, thanks to the talent of one of their awesome tattooists, Nate!

My simple, creative tattoo of my Gemini zodiac star sign, with flourished tribal design stems, leading out to purple flowers & my Gemini “II” symbol in the middle, surrounded by stars! At this point I was wishing I wore some sweats or shorts instead of jeans – I highly recommend loose pants of some kind for any lower back tattoo work!..

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