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There is a huge variety of themes of tattoos around the world, with many centering on Celtic and Gothic traditions. Despite the fact that tribal motifs dominate this type of body art, all manner of figures have come to be employed ranging from unicorns, fairies and dragons to skeletons and goblins. A very popular variation on the theme is a Celtic latticework design which is a favorite of Americans, Irish, Scots, Welsh and Bretons who all wish to reconnect with their Celtic heritage. Most of the Army and Marine men who decide to rock these type tats have been in the gym working out so they ink looks great. Nonetheless, the meaning of the design is always most relevant to its bearer and can say much about him or her.

One theory is 18th century Japan when amputation of fingers, ears and nose was abolished by the authorities and the decision was taken instead to a€?marka€™ criminals with a ring tattoo of particular significance.
Tattoos last forever (unless you can afford the obscenely expensive YAG laser treatment) so choose carefully. This practice was thrown out in circa 1870 but lives on in a curious and consenting way: through modern body art. When you get close enough to study these images you will see that the artwork is of a very high quality a€“ it has to be to reach around the circumference of the limb and look good when the skin or muscle moves.
Others have had their wedding vows printed around their limbs just to make clear their love and commitment to their spouse.

There may be more than 500 styles available for the specific tattoo you might be considering?
Those thinking of having armband tattoos have the history of Japanese law and order to thank.
Looking through books will be very tiring so ita€™s probably best you search the web and its vast resources of images and body artists.

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