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Jewellery articles have eternally fascinated the fairer sex and women always look forward to adorning their body parts with lovely and trendy designer pieces. Ankle Bracelets look beautiful but one thing must be kept in mind before you decide to get one for yourself. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tramp Stamp Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos, Knuckle Tattoos and Tattoos On Foot. The girl got this ankle bracelet tattoo with images that remind her of the sweet memories she harbors in her heart for her home. This girl has got her anklet designed with images that hold personal meaning for her and serve as a memorial too. Elegant ankle bracelet with holy touch that surrounds the ankle in a pearly chain and has the cross reaching on to the foot. Designed with small red hearts, hanging from a bunch of four pearls, this anklet looks very adorable. The grey and white chain, encircling the ankle from which a red nautical star is hanging, is a sign that the wearer is in search of true love. Wrapped around the ankle and coming on to the top of the foot, this ankle bracelet symbolizes the fragrance of freedom that acts as the guiding force behind the steps the girl takes.
Stylish ankle bracelet tattoo, designed with colorful beads and a big red heart that looks beautiful and stands for celebration of love. Slim and sweet, this ankle bracelet has got tiny red hearts joined together with an irregular black chain that creates a cool design. Black and grey ankle bracelet with the holy cross as the locket, has been etched to bring the grace of god in the actions that the wearer takes. Girls love to wear the cross with the anklet tattoo as it gives them a stylish option to show their religious side.
Sober and sacred, this kind of ankle bracelet is suitable for those girls who are religious and possess a spiritual bent of mind.
The girl shows off her sexy legs that look more charming with the ankle bracelets that encircle both the legs.
The pretty feet displaying nails painted with red and the elegant ankle bracelet having the holy cross and the heart, gracing the legs create a charming sight together. Stylish anklet tattoo that has a trail of hearts hanging on the foot from the ankle; symbolizing plenty of love in the life of the girl. Simply stunning, this is a classic ankle bracelet that has got deep meaning and stands for the dreamy nature of the girl who is very passionate about her dreams.
The symbol of mortality and beauty, the cherry blossom serves as a meaningful design to be carved as ankle bracelet. Various images carved in sections inside the circular frame, embracing the ankle, create a unique ankle tattoo.
The floral ankle bracelet that highlights the leg tattoo showing a fairy girl holding a skull in her hands, looks pretty and creates an interesting tattoo piece together.
Ankle tattoo designed with a bold, heavy and colorful beads that form a distinct looking bracelet for the girl.
Cute idea given the shape of a meaningful and lovely ankle bracelet tattoo that symbolizes the profession of the wearer. Sober design bracelet that has the crescent moon and the star as dangles, representing love and companionship. If you want a meaningful and fashionable jewelry article then this rosary anklet tattoo is an excellent idea.
Bring something sexy and emphatic to your ankle bracelet tattoo with this cool design that also possesses the lovely heart locket. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
I want a tattoo now as my divorce will be final soon and it is a sign of my new found life ahead.
Tattoos look good on all parts of body and it would not be an exaggeration to say that certain tattoos are known by the body parts on which they are carved. Among the designs that find prominent place on, around or below the ankle, flowers are most famous. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Feather Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos, Heidi Klum Tattoos and Colorful Tattoos.
Graceful ankle tattoo, carved with initials of the wearer, flowers and stars that has pretty, feminine touch to it. Symbol of union and long-lasting relationship; the lily looks adorable and catches quick attention of the onlookers. The flowers lend a feminine touch to the ankle band that is carved in a knotted form, that looks like a Celtic piece. This is graceful black and grey tattoo having a single flower and vine, that is a symbol of attachment. Ankle tattoo created with a dragon motif that looks cool and symbolizes wisdom, power and ferocity. Colorful flowers and butterflies woven together in a leafy looks sweet and is a simile for love and commitment.
The girl got her ankle carved with identical butterflies that is a mark of love for the bond shared by her and her twin sister. The pink flowers spreading from the ankle to the foot look elegant and have a soft and soothing touch, that pleases the eyes. This girl has got luscious legs that look more appealing with the dark ankle tattoo, that represents a seething dragon. The mother got these two flowers on the ankle to express her love and adoration for her two kids. This is a lovely flowing tattoo running from the ankle to the foot that looks quite artistic as well.
The red cherry blossom flowers, embellished around the ankle are a symbol of sensuous, feminine beauty.
Sober and nature inspired; this ankle tattoo has got a serene, soothing touch that suits the environmentalist wearer to a T. Carved on the ankle with black ink, this vine like tattoo looks very sweet and has got a superb dainty, girlish kind of touch. Blue and black, ankle tattoo, designed around the ankle, looks very decent and looks perfect on the girl’s leg.
The eternal and the most romantic symbol of love; the red rose, looks very enchanting, sitting on the ankle of the girl. The green vine and the red flowers around it make for a charming portrait that is very endearing and sweet to look at. These three lilies are a symbol of the family of the wearer that consists of her husband, child and she herself. The girl got a tattoo for her lover on her ankle that bears his name and flowers, all around, reaching up to the foot. Pleasing tattoo piece, showing a large butterfly with flowers that is a symbol of love and companionship.

This pair of tattoos, having cherry blossom flower on ankle and leafy vine on foot, looks pretty together. This tattoo with stars and vine has got a quote along side that is not very clear but holds deep meaning for the wearer. This is beautiful and haunting ankle tattoo, that is quite distinct and pretty cool as well, showing nice creativity. Carrying the word believe in a vine wrap with a dragonfly below, this tattoo symbolizes self belief that leads to transformation and ultimately success.
The daisies and the vine look sweet and symbolize innocence and gentleness; that is very much a part of feminine nature. The solo, pink and purple lily, engraved on the ankle looks sweet and is a symbol of eternal love. This butterfly and the ten stars symbolize the surgeries the wearer has undergone and now she is quite fit and fine; just like the bubbly butterfly.
Flowers are a favorite of the girl and that is why most of their tattoos, including the ankle, presents the soft, natural and fragrant entity. The multi colored anklet with a heart tattoo below, looks super charming and symbolizes the love life of the dancer. Ankle wrap tattoo carved with a flower and triquetra that looks quite graceful in its sober and soothing form. Three flowers covering the ankle in a neat manner look cool and stand for the lovely family of three in which the wearer has got the role of mother. This girl has found out a stylish way to give shape to her name and date of birth through the ankle tattoo. The girl pays tribute to the Japanese culture through her cherry blossom tattoo carved around the ankle. Flowers are a pretty image that look cool as tattoo, especially the ankle tattoo, which is also the most popular design. The sunflower tattoo in pair, etched below the ankle, looks pretty and stands for attachment and affection.
This tattoo is different but quite delectable with a sweet traditional touch that is also a symbol that the wearer respects her tribal culture.
The fragrant flowers look good and have a sweet and soothing touch that gives the ankle an alluring look. Artistic ankle tattoo, carved with dark ink, looks adorable and has got amazing traditional touch. The three large flowers, etched along with stars look cute and symbolize that the wearer is a dreamy creature who also loves her family of three. The numerous butterflies of different colors symbolize the colorful nature of freedom that is full of bliss. The flowers and butterflies look very bright and beautiful together and stand for the symbiotic relationship, lovers share. This bracelet tattoo bearing a cross looks graceful and spiritual and also protects the wearer from evil powers.
The tri colored flowers are a symbol of the three members of the family; the husband, wife and the child. The raging dragon looks very intimidating and stands for the fearless and aggressive nature of the wearer. This ankle tattoo motivates the girl to take concrete and confident steps to realize her dreams. This small and cute butterfly fluttering around the ankle is symbolic of freedom and bliss.
Done with spiral, floral and geometric pattern; this ankle tattoo looks very sublime and tasteful. This ankle bracelet tattoo bears the initials of the girl’s lover and is an expression of love and tribute. The girl wears this ankle tattoo as a lucky charm and hopes that all her dreams will come true one day.
This black and purple cat tattoo has a cool cute charm that symbolizes cleverness and mystery. This beautiful ankle band tattoo created with a heart and ornate chain design looks very charming. The wearer got multi-colored butterflies and flowers etched around her ankle to express her love for nature. This blowing dandelion and the flying birds stand for the wearer’s troubled past that she has overcome finally.
The small pink hearts and the vine create a smooth and symmetrical tattoo design on the ankle.
Black and gray flower tattoo, sitting around the ankle, looks very sober and symbolizes the grief of the wearer. This slender flower, covering the ankle, looks very comely and stands for love and harmony. The cherry blossom flowers and butterflies, engraved around the ankle, stand for beauty and liberation. Check out this simple ankle tattoo showing the image of a kangaroo that symbolizes balance and strength. All the ankle tattoos shown here are very beautiful and the one which i liked the most is Adorable Ankle Tattoo its just more beautiful than other tattoos.
Daring Dragon is a very innovative ankle tattoo design which looks very attractive and cool. Wow these Ankle Tattoos are so unique and amazing i have never seen the tattoo on the ankle really they are looking very nice. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tattoos On The Heart, Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Love Tattoos for Couples and Feather Tattoos.
Nice red heart that has a beautiful frame around it denoting the fact that people in love always feel secure and special. The stars along with tribal heart are a symbol that love is the guiding spirit in the life of the wearer. Carved on the lower back, this tribal heart tattoo with its curving lines and spirals, oozes a graceful touch. Cute tattoo design with stars created on the hand that represents love of the wearer, she cherishes for her dreams.
The roses represent the grandfather of the wearer and the six dots are the birth stones of the relatives closest to the wearer’s heart.
Simple and small tribal heart carved on the wrist that represents love of the wearer for her boyfriend.
An ornamental tribal heart having floral and vines pattern that creates a very artistic design on the skin.
Tribal heart with quote carved on the foot that represents the strong affectionate relationship the girl shares with her lover.

The girl designed these tattoos herself and got them tattooed on her 21st birthday as a gift to herself.
This is an intriguing tribal heart tattoo design with initials of the wearer hidden inside it. The tribal heart tattoo looks cool due to its mystic design displaying a sharp, curvy pattern.
The woman shows off her large tribal heart tattoo, having vines design, covering the back, that looks very flowing.
Sexy tattoo with flames rising inside the tribal heart that denote the passionate love, the wearer harbors in her heart. This upper back tattoo having a tribal heart coupled with lock and key stands for strong love and total commitment. Simple and cute, this upper back tattoo depicts the liberating path one is set on after love enter into the life of a person. Cross with wings, forming a tribal heart on the back of the wearer, creates a cool and great looking tattoo design. The flower and the wings surrounding the tribal heart symbolize the fragrance of love that makes the heart fly. The red tribal heart with cross around it is a symbol of belief in god and the fact that his mercy would see the wearer through the hard times.
The girl has got a tribal heart on her foot that is a sign that she is in search of true love. This is a fabulous tribal heart design with wings and looks amazing, sitting on the beefy chest of the wearer.
Very beautiful and artistic, this tribal heart tattoo attached in a rosary that encircles the wrist has a superb eye-catching look. Neat and bold in appearance, this tribal heart tattoo oozes power and bravery that makes you win the heart of your beloved. Slim and curvy design, created with tribal heart and cross on the back, that looks very delightful. Bold and black tribal heart design styled with blue dots that looks very charming and keeps singing the love tune into the ear of the girl. Elephant tattoos are not the most common choice for females but they carry a certain majestic feel and charm that only these towering tyrants can possess. Elephant tattoos can be a very fun design and can even sometime have a spiritual meaning that is associated with many eastern religions.
The ankle bracelet tattoos have come up as a cool option to the girls and women as it is a stylish way to get a permanent accessory to adorn the ankle. The ankle is a bony area and therefore, the whole process of tattooing is painful in comparison to other body parts as the fat content is very less to act as padding. Well, every tattoo related to a particular body part has got its own unique beauty and all of them look beautiful in their own right. The colorful, soft and natural entities look great around the ankle and since, there is a lot of variety in the flowers category itself, the ankle tattoos with flowers are so sought-after. This is why people love to wear them on their different body parts especially around wrists, arms and ankles. Most of the ankle tattoo admirers like to wear a bracelet kind of design so that they can flaunt a cool and modern accessory. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The perceptions and definitions of love have, of course, undergone a sea change in the course of time but the essence remains the same.
As world known elephant tattoos has a beauty and charm that makes some of the new specials.
Even if elephant tattoos are not the most popular deign for women it’s not because of their lack of personality or meaning, it’s just that they are all too often misunderstood. All of us are aware of the in-vogue and chic factor associated with tattoos and the ankle bracelet tattoos bring in the same features in their new form.
As far as the designs are concerned, you can expect a vibrant variety; from religious to funky.
However, when it comes to tattoos that are pretty, feminine and very dainty, the ankle tattoos acquire the prime position.
As far as motifs are concerned, flowers, stars, butterflies and artful tribal patterns are very sought-after by the women folk and they love to get them etched around their ankles.
They are quite popular among the new age men and women too, due to the variety and delectable display, they possess. Although elephant tattoos are not as popular as other tattoo designs they known to have deep, symbolic associations and have a sophistication and charm unlike any other. Some of the most aesthetically fascinating elephant tattoos functional design, but the image of the elephant probably stay about the same. This is why they have gained huge popularity and are set to gain more with passage of time. These tattoos have a sweet girlish look that is full of variety and oozes a luscious appeal. If you are also looking for some ideas regarding the ankle tattoos, then it would be wise to take a look at this post that we have created. A person in love is the happiest creature on earth and always wants to express that happiness through some means.
The tribal heart can be carved on any body part in any size but the wrist, back and hand are preferred spots. The post that we have displayed below will tell you more about them as it has got images of 25 ankle bracelet tattoos with details as well.
Many of them find the needle work around the ankle a harrowing experience because the skin is bony and there is not much fat to endure the pain.
Tattoos are a cool and aesthetic way of doing the same and there are various appropriate designs that can give a shape to your heart-felt emotions but the heart looks the best. You can also team up the heart with other symbols like the holy cross, rosary, flowers, wings to give different meanings to the tattoo piece.
Still, the charm of an ankle tattoo is strong and it only promises to get better with time. It brings an incredible array of 26 images that show various kinds of tattoos created on and around the ankle.
Here, we have created a post with 25 tribal heart tattoos that will give more information regarding the meanings and designs.

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