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OIE (Online Image Editor) is a web service that provides Gif Maker to make animated gifs online and you can edit your animations by adding text, border, glitters, stars, resize and much more. OIE Gif Maker is a simple service where you can create animations by uploading images from web or from your computer. Working with OIE Gif Maker is an easy task where you need to upload images like the above screenshot. Once you have done these adjustments, you can hit the Create Animation button and it will generate your animated gif showing you preview on a pop up window (see the below screenshot). While editing your animation, OIE provides two tabs: Basics and Wizards (like the below screenshot). Add multiple animated gifs to merge them or add multiple images of different formats to create an animated gif.

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When patients make a visit to the emergency department (ED), there is a chance they may need to make a repeat visit. A new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, suggests patients return to ERs for the same complaint more often than you think, and they frequently end up at a different ER on the second visit.
The researchers examined data from the Agency for Healthcare Research, and Quality’s Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project database from 2006 to 2010. Electronic health records have made great strides in gaining popularity, but the healthcare system still has a big disconnect when it comes to cross communication in many areas. Previous studies have found that about 3% of patients make a revisit to the ER in the first three days. While creating a system to share information between emergency departments or with primary care providers may seem like an incredibly investment, it would actually save money in the long run.
Beyond the basic editing, you can put in animation, picture frames, and text in all of your photos. It has a very simple interface, making it easy to find all the effects and tools available. It is a very useful service which allows you to create animated gifs as well as edit other images or animations. The data included 58 million patients discharged from ERs in six states for which data was available on subsequent ER visits and admissions.
Rising is part of a hospital telemedicine program that uses video calls to address patient concerns after they are discharged from the ER. Estimates were made using 2008 Medicare reimbursement rates, and the researchers found that in 19.8% of revisits within 30 days, the total costs exceeded the initial ER visit by 118%.
This study, however, shows revisit rates are actually much higher because people seek care at different hospitals than the ones where they were initially treated. Unique feature present in this service is that you can merge two or more than two animated gifs. But if you want more enhanced animation, then you can use Image Editor to add more effects to your animated gif. Add multiple photos with different formats or animated gifs using Choose File button or upload photos from web. The purpose was to analyze revisit rates, variation in revisit rates by diagnosis and state, and associated costs.

She discovered that fear played a big factor in their decisions, according to an ABC News report. So the cost factor and burden on the healthcare system is also much higher than originally thought.
Thus it is a handy service that supports all popular image formats such as: jpeg, gif, bmp, png, jpeg, animated gif.
They either couldn’t get an appointment with their primary care physician and were afraid to wait, or felt too sick to endure multiple visits for X-rays and lab work when the ER had it all right in one place. Using this tab, you will be able to add stars, glitters, floaties, overlay image, blinkytag etc. After uploading photos, you can set the animation speed (see the above screenshot) and transition effect for each image. Once you have applied the effects, then you can save your animation with the help of available button.
Need for immediate data to treat patients may consequently lead to duplication of tests and imaging, ultimately resulting in increased downstream costs, often passed down to patients.
Tracking the movement of patients who are reevaluated and potentially re-admitted to other hospitals was a distinguishing factor in the study design. For example, in the first 30 days after initial ED visits, patients in Florida had revisit costs that were 17.7% higher than the combined costs of all patients’ index ED visit costs. Estimates for states other than Florida suggest that revisits could cost as much as 45% more than the total costs for all initial ED visits.
That being said, our study shows a third of those revisits are occurring at a different ED within 3 days, and improving the communication infrastructure across EDS can help improve care.” Communication, in theory, might also imply the ability of all medical providers to communicate and share medical information such as imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI) studies, blood test results, and clinical notes and impressions.
The reality is that there is a fragmented system of care that currently exists in the U.S, with information silos that are not accessible to the vast majority of medical providers as well as across healthcare systems. Developing an initiative for development of a national EMR might be a step toward improving patient care while reducing costs associated with revisits.
The appropriate use of observation units may further help to triage patients with more complex medical conditions, versus those who can be safely discharged home after their initial ED visit. For example, Jefferson Hospital’s ED has been using telemedicine to check on patients after they are sent home and that’s just one strategy to better track patients (or have them self-track the relevant condition and send the data) following an ED visit,” added Topol.

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