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While processing your videos in the AVS Video Editor program you can also add different video effects to them, such as grayscale to make your video look black and white or invert to change the colors of a video fragment or to add a romantic touch to your film with a snow effect and many other effects.
In the left side menu you can select the effects groups that will be displayed in the Files and Effects Area or the All Video Effects option. After you found an effect you want to apply, right-click it and choose the Add or Replace Video Effect option. You can set the duration of the added effect by left-clicking it (it will be highlighted) and pressing the Duration button on the Timeline Toolbar or right-clicking the necessary effect and selecting the Duration option.
In the Properties Area of the Video Effects window select an effect applying area in the Mask drop-down list.
Within the Video Effects window you can also set the Fade-in and Fade-out areas for the effect you applied to your video file using the slider under the preview area. You can set Fade-in and Fade-out boundaries by dragging the cursor of the slider area to the place where you want the Fade-in area to end and hit the button. It's also possible to direct the mouse cursor at the edge of the slider area and drag the boundaries inwards or outwards.
After adding an effect to the video file you can preview the applied effect using the playback controls situated under the slider area.
If you want to delete the applied effect, you should select it and press the appropriate button on the Timeline Toolbar or right-click the effect you want to delete and choose the Delete Object option.

Want to be able to edit your photos online, for free and without having to learn complicated interfaces? Use the ‘Rotate’ tool to rotate a picture 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, flip it vertically or horizontally or straighten it.
Modify image brightness and contrast, adjust shadows and highlights with the ‘Exposure’ tool.
Image adjustment tools work smoothly with all changes being instantly applied to your photo. Black and white, sepia, vignetting and pixelation — these awesome photo filters and effects are irreplaceable part of modern photo editing. Be in trend and add a touch of vintage to your pictures, turn real-life scenes into miniatures with tilt-shift effect or apply selective focus effect that places one area of an image in sharp focus while blurring the rest. In the Files and Effects Area you will see all the video effects you can apply to your video. If you have already added an effect and choose this option, the previously added effect will be replaced by the new one. The Duration window will appear where you can set the necessary value by entering it through the keyboard or using the arrow buttons.
If you want to set the Fade-out effect, drag the right edge of the slider area to the left.

These buttons have the same functionality as the buttons of the Preview Area situated in the Main Window. To crop an image, just click and drag a corner or a side of a crop frame, and you are done!
Enhance colors in your picture changing its hue, saturation and optimizing color temperature. There are 300+ various themed stickers, 30+ customizable frames and borders (you can make them thicker or thinner), and 20 fancy fonts for text captions.
The detailed effects properties description can be found in the Special, Effect, Transform and Draw chapters. Then drag the same cursor to the place on the slider area where you want the Fade-out area to begin and press the button. To apply the Fade-in effect, drag the left edge of the slider area to the right (see the figure below). This online image editor lets you fix and enhance your digital pictures in a smooth and effective way.

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