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As far as the symbolic meaning of the owl tattoo is concerned, it stands for positive as well as negative attributes. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Eyebrow Tattoos, Avril Lavigne Tattoos, Tear Drop Tattoos and Blacklight Tattoos.
Learning to fly; this big baby owl tattoo is a head turner and makes one marvel at the finesse of the tattoo artist. Girlish and cute; this dark owl tattoo looks super charming and makes one go gaga after the design. Symbol of intuition, foresight and knowledge; this owl tattoo, done on the back, looks majestic. Etched on the wrist; this small owl tattoo has got a very lovely look that instantly makes one fall in love with the art form. Fine shading and amazing details make this owl tattoo, done on the back, a treat to the eyes. Hip tattoo showing a colorful and smiling owl that is symbolic of the bliss one experiences after attaining wisdom. The flying owl carrying an object with its legs stands for the quest of knowledge the wearer has started for himself. Beautiful piece of art; this owl tattoo looks quite striking and stands for sharpness and concentration that ultimately bring wisdom. The owl is considered to symbolize wisdom and the quote carved along with the tattoo looks very appropriate and serves as a cool inspiration. Take a look at this small, cute owl carved on the waist that symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and learning.
The moon in the backdrop and the owl perched on a tree branch together create a very romantic portrait. Unique owl tattoo created with simply the outline and left uncolored looks intriguing and symbolizes darkness and mystery.
Time must be valued and utilized to gain knowledge and wisdom in life; this is the message being conveyed by the arm tattoo. The owl perched on a skull represents the association of the mysterious, nocturnal bird with black magic. The owl surrounded by peacock feathers represents the fact that true beauty lies in wisdom. The guy shows off his chest that carries the image of a flying owl; the bird that represents wisdom, mystery and death.
This back tattoo is very catchy and stands for perseverance and constant search for knowledge. The owl holding the diamond represents the fact that knowledge makes you acquire a unique glow that is prized by one and all. The guy got the owl tattoo on his chest to convey his knowledge seeking nature that always keeps him alert and attentive.
Pretty owl tattoo carved on the back of the curvaceous girl symbolizes her ambition to silently fly and achieve her goals. The guy is fascinated by the brooding and nocturnal nature of the owl and therefore, got a tattoo on his hand.
This tattoo looks majestic and symbolizes intuition and quick wit that are present in the owl in copious amount. The nice details and the astonished expression on the face of the owl make this tattoo a stand out from the rest. Lovely owl tattoo etched on the back of the girl looks sweet and symbolizes the shy, brooding nature of the girl. This wearer wanted something exclusive as an animal tattoo and finalized upon the owl as it fitted the bill in every manner.
The holy cross, anchor and roses carved along with the owl stand for the much-valued spiritual pursuit the wearer has undertaken in his life.

Sitting behind the ear; this owl tattoo has everything it takes to catch attention and get compliments from people.
The girl shows off her owl tattoo inspiration that has been created on the inside of her forearm in an almost exact style.
The girl is an admirer of the silent and mysterious bird and finds its nature very close to her own. This owl tattoo says that one must spend one’s life in gaining wisdom through practical experiences that come from living it fully. Refined and sharp in appearance; this owl tattoo must have been done by an accomplished artist. The glory of wisdom is as precious and lasting as that of the diamond; this is what the tattoo says. Check out this barn owl, carved on the tummy of the girl, that looks very shrewd and sharp. An owl tattoo gives the artist ample scope to display his genius and here is a beautiful sample of the same.
Another cute owl tattoo, gracing the side of the thigh of a girl, makes for a charming portrait. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
The story of the little wizard who cast a spell on children and adult across the world has shown its craze in many forms. The Harry Potter tattoos are a sought-after design with the people, adults and children, alike. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Johnny Depp Tattoos, Carmelo Anthony Tattoos, Chris Brown Tattoos and Spider Web Tattoos. The fascinating colorful car from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, carved on the ribs, is looking great. The girl and boy show their similar Harry Potter tattoos carved on their forearm and upper back.
The weird platform number etched behind the ear in bold font makes for a catchy tattoo piece. This girl is a huge fan of the wizard and has got his name etched on her forearm in bold and irregular font. This word having reference to a non-magical person created with a colorful wavy patch of stars looks charming. A simple and small tattoo, etched on the calf has a secretive aura that attracts and intrigues. This tattoo created in naughty font and inspired from Harry Potter, carved on the arm, has a badass look. The school of Harry Potter that resembles a creepy castle arouses fear in the hearts of onlookers.
A black and white owl with the triforce symbol below creates a fabulous looking design on the forearm. The emblem of Harry’s school is really classic and makes for a majestic tattoo portrait. The flying, golden snitch that has magical abilities has been carved behind the ear as an ornamental piece. The girl expresses her passion for Harry with an emotional line carved along side HP initials behind the ear. This boy believes in the strength and virtues of united action and has got a cool tattoo on his arm to express the same. This symbol is also quite popular and does not inflict much pain on the wearer during the tattooing procedure. This lovely tattoo with the lightning bolt forming the L has been carved as a mark of friendship.

The charming, round glasses of Harry along with the lightning bolt makes for a brilliant tattoo piece.
The strange platform number from where Harry boards the train to Hogwarts, sits fine on the wrist. Time is flying fast and you need to win, this is what the snitch whispers into the ear of the girl. The last words from the epic book that have a positive and cheerful touch, look nice on the shoulder blade.
A large black and white snitch with beautiful wings, resting on the upper back, looks elegant. The snitch which opened up at last when Harry was going to die has been pictured in an apt manner.
Line from Harry Potter carved in exact font as the book’s that pertains to the golden snitch. Colorful quote from the third book of Harry Potter series Prisoner of Azkaban looks charming. The adorable dobby with his weird but cute look is a delight to the eyes and makes for a cute Harry Potter tattoo.
The snitch is a very popular tattoo design taken from Harry Potter as it has an aesthetic charm.
CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best tutorials, resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these. Right from its physical appearance to its nature; everything about the bird is quite intriguing and full of mystery. The former associates the bird with qualities such as knowledge, wisdom, foresight, intuition, willingness to learn, etc. Harry Potter, the creation of JK Rowling not only broke all records on popularity charts but also impacted the tattoo artists’ business (in a positive manner).
They are made up of different symbols and quotes from the seven books but the most popular is the image of Harry Potter. The owl tattoo brings to the fore all these exclusive traits of the bird in pretty, and artistic styles. People were so much enamored with the book and the movies based on it that they were going berserk after Harry Potter tattoos. People love Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and get his portrait carved in various forms on their bodies. Men and women are very much fascinated by the bird and love to adorn their body with an art form that displays this nocturnal avian. They were making beeline at entrance of tattoo parlors to get their favorite hero’s tattoo and the passion is still alive even though the intensity has calmed down. Apart from it the magical symbols and characters like the golden snitch, dark mark, dobby, etc. The owl, as said before, is distinct from other avian and therefore, the tattoo is also something that makes you stand apart from the crowd. Here we have created a post featuring 40 photographs that will make you more acquainted with this particular art form.
So, to appease the fans, we have brought for them a post with 40 Harry Potter tattoos displaying wonderful tattoo designs.

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