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Updated on August 12, 2015: Lightricks announced it has raised $10 million from venture capital firm, Carmel Ventures of Israel, in its first round of external financing.
Updated on July 21, 2015, by Enid Burns: Lightricks has upgraded the Enlight app with support for the iPad. Calling it the most comprehensive mobile photo-editing tool on the market, Lightricks, maker of the popular app Facetune, has released a new app called Enlight, which builds upon the technologies first implemented in Facetune. With its LTEngine image-processing engine and SafeBrush precision tool, Lightricks created the ultimate selfie-editing app when it released FaceTune. If you’ve used any photo-editing apps, then you’ll be familiar with the toolset of features like crop, filters, and special effects. Other Photoshop-like features include image blending (Photo Mixer), Intelligent Photo Correction, tilt-shift focus, curves adjustment, and more.
Speaking of Photoshop, Adobe is also increasingly enhancing its mobile apps to be more robust like its desktop offerings, while still focusing on ease of use. The cameras coming with the recently released Android phones are creating new resolution records, but still the default app to manage those snapped pictures has always a room for the improvements. Amazon free app of the day list has included the Photo Enhance Pro HD app, which on other days will cost you $5 to download. Once downloaded and installed, please do inform other readers about this powerful Android photo editing app by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

According to app developer Lightricks, an iPad version was the most-requested feature from user. Now, Lightricks is bringing those technologies (and more) to all types of photography with Enlight. However, advanced users will appreciate the presets, masking tools, brushes, text input, and other adjustment tools for fine-tuning color, tone, and so on.
The app costs $5, which is affordable for an easy-to-use app that’s loaded with powerful features. While most of these apps are free, they do require a subscription to Adobe’s cloud-based service, in order to get the most out of them. If you are searching for the best Android camera app then today, we have a top Android app that is available for free on Amazon App store.
As the name suggests this is an Android photo editing app with which you can edti, enhance and tweak your snapped photos.
Boost detail, fix white-balance, adjust saturation, brightness and contrast, crop with fixed or variable aspect ratio, then export at full resolution. Once downloaded you can use the sideloading method to install the app on your Android phone. This new mobile photo-editing app is designed to be powerful like Photoshop on the desktop, but intuitively easy to use.

The application offers photo enhancing features like colors boosting, detail improvements, applying HDR effect and many more.
The heal tool helps users fix defects in photo; it also allows users to clone parts of an image with accurate results.
Any mobile photographer knows there are a lot of photo-editing apps available, but Lightricks says the easy-to-use format is the difference between Enlight and other apps. For those unfamiliar with the more advanced functions, the app offers helpful instructional guides. Uses HDR tone-mapping techniques to add detail to your images — better photos without a better camera.
System upgrades provide a seamless workflow when using Instafit, Duo Filter, Target, Tilt-fhift, Crop, and Re-fit tools. Take your enhanced image and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and white-balance and crop the result.
There’s also now “animated sessions” that show workflow edits, demonstrating a user’s creative process.

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